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    Help please

    Let's say it was a somewhat urgent situation. No, it wasn't a car accident but if I had had a stroke?! (yes I know it's a bit over dramatic in the time frame involved) it would have been a dire emergency. I understand the costs involved at a hospital, they have their costs and rates. My issue...
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    AntiCoagulation and its role in Ahlzimers

    While I'm happy that negative side effects are minimal, I'm most happy that my hair might still be around in a few years! Someone once said " It's better to look good than to feel good"...
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    Help please

    UPDATE.... I received the bill from the hospital in Myrtle Beach yesterday. $458.00 U.S. ($581.66 CDN) for my 3 minute hospital admission and doctor visit to get a prescription for 10 warfarin pills ($4.00). Highway robbery. Note to self.... Don't trust anyone with your medications, ever! Even...
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    AntiCoagulation and its role in Ahlzimers

    Nice to hear there's a beneficial side effect. Nice bonus. On the he other side of the coin, are there any studies that discuss the detrimental effects of warfarin on say the liver or other organs?
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    Cured Excessive Sweating after valve repair/replacement surgery?

    I didn't have it before surgery but I had brutal night sweats when I got home after surgery for a week or two then it stopped. My doc didn't know why they came and went.
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    5 Years

    Thank god the dog lived! How's the doctor? : ) My surgery was uneventful except, I was told afterwards that I was difficult to deal with because of the pain from the chest tubes. Kept trying to get out of bed and apparently tried to pull out the tubes. I was strapped down on the bed and...
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    Help please

    I even had my card with the valve info, surgery date etc. on it as well as my prescription from home. No luck. Only pest control companies would be buyers. Apparently rats love the stuff...
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    Help please

    I love that movie! It ended up not being a huge problem except for the fact that I had to be admitted to a hospital to get it; and the associated costs that will come with that. I'll let you know once the bill comes in.
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    Help please

    I don't wish ill will on anyone but yes a little illness would be ok. 😆 The biggest problem is that I learned that pharmacies in the USA don't recognize prescriptions from Canada and visa versa. So anyone of us from the States would have the same issue in Canada that I had in the USA. Very...
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    Help please

    In hind site I probably should have led with that. I was hoping i could save the doc/hospital visit. A back alley would have been fine at that point. : )
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    Morning vs. evening anti-coagulation dose

    I can't imagine the pain the family or any family that survives a relatives suicide goes through, for that matter. I'm no scientist by any means but I've been wondering about splitting my dosage to morning and evening. The reason being (and here's the question) wouldn't it be better for your...
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    Help please

    Thanks for the well wishes. The trip was great with a few exceptions. First, the plane was full on the way down. My carry-on that had my warfarin in it had to be put in with regular luggage below where someone promptly rifled through it. Several things went missing and my drugs were not to be...
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    Help please

    I got it. Pressure's off.
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    Help please

    Anyone in the South Carolina,MyyBeach area? I need to get some warfarin and can't get any through official channels. I'd be happy to pay for it. I'm a bit desperate.
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    Hurricane Dorian?

    We're headed to Myrtle on Sunday for a golfing week we've had planned for nearly a year. Sorry, but I hope it stays down south. Hope everyone stays safe.
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    New members

    I think it's a good idea. When I joined I didn't want to put irrelevant info about me into a thread that would distract the conversation.
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    One Month!

    Driving after surgery story: Two days after getting home from my surgery I hired a service to drive me to the hospital for a follow up. It was the beginning of February. Got there ok in the passenger seat. On the way home the driver lost control of the car on the ice and rear ended the one in...
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    I just fired my GP over this. I've been struggling trying to get him to understand this concept and he couldn't get his head around it. My INR was at 3.4 (range 2.5-3.5) he kept telling me to stop for a day and then drop my repetitive dose from 10mg to alternating 5 and 7.5. I KNOW if I did...
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    Cbd oil

    I've been on CBD oil twice a day now for a about 4 years and its been a year and a half since my valve replacement surgery. No issues with it at all. Does not affect my INR. I had stopped for a while after surgery but when I resumed once my INR was stable there was no fluctuation. I also use...
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    Lumps and bruises

    Ah haa! That would explain the bruising on my wifes hand...