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    2nd AVR on my horizon : (

    Indeed it does. I was almost 58, and now 65 shortly. I would say my scale is tipping towards the mechanical also.
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    2nd AVR on my horizon : (

    Thank you. The heart cath was conclusive, so I am not in need of a second opinion. I think I simply feel stunned, and need to wrap my head around the reality (again). I feel the mental piece is sometimes as hard as the physical.
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    2nd AVR on my horizon : (

    What type of valve is #2?
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    2nd AVR on my horizon : (

    I appreciate all of the positive thoughts. I felt very comfortable with my decision 7 years ago for a bovine valve. I am far less decisive now, with the prospect of doing OHS multiple times with a short valve lifespan.
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    2nd AVR on my horizon : (

    Some exercise exertion problems led to a stress test where my BP dropped, so the test was curtailed. I had a heart cath 2 days ago that shows my 2012 Edwards bovine 21mm valve is now showing severe stenosis. I follow the "rules" and exercise 6 days, eat well, etc., and this news is distressing...
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    Considering the end of - Looking for your thoughts

    Regardless of the future, I'd like to say thank you! Pre and post AVR in 2012, this forum was a godsend, and I am appreciative and thankful for the information and opinions shared.
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    Thumping Heart Beat and PVC's

    PVC's PVC's I am also over 1.5 years post bovine aortic replacement. Last several months I have had the "thumping" heartbeats, too. Most noticeable at night when trying to sleep. At my regular 6-month cardio visit, he put me on a 24 hour Holter monitor and had an echo done. Holter showed...
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    Major stressin here - Valve replacement in 10 Days!

    I will just "ditto" all replies posted. I am 1.5 years post surgery, and I recall all the same fears. It can be overwhelming! In a nutshell: prepare for the worst, but TRULY expect the best! We can't change the cards we're dealt; all we can change is our attitude. It is a lifesaving...
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    1 year ago today.

    Congrats to another "Morris"! Congrats to another "Morris"! My own one year anniversary was Oct. 11! It IS a milestone, and one I don't take lightly. Best wishes for many more!
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    First-Line Relatives

    I also had a bicuspid valve and replacement surgery in October, 2012. My siblings were tested, and all were clear. Two daughters are clear, too. Unfortunately, my 27-year-old son also has a bicuspid valve. No negatives yet, but will of course now monitor annually. Yes, I feel "guilty", too...
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    porcine vs. bovine? any thoughts helpful

    Amen to no more OHS. It's the biggest factor, in my opinion. I am hopeful my future replacement procedure will be trans-catheter. My surgeon thinks this is extremely likely. No guarantee of course; just wishful thinking. Another spin of life's roulette wheel!
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    porcine vs. bovine? any thoughts helpful

    As others have said, seems to matter the most to our surgeons. I went with bovine since my surgeon has had great success with their longevity. He is the expert, so here's hoping he is right! Best of luck!
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    this is the freaking craziest disease ever!

    I also had Dr. Bavaria, for an aortic valve replacement. Small world! My surgery was last October, and I'm doing well. I wish you continued recovery!
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    I am new to this site, having AVR week after Thanksgiving

    I am 5 weeks post surgery (at age 57, almost 58), and experienced a lot of back pain myself. I had a modified sternotomy. Fatigue was HUGE initially, but each week it lifted. Keep a positive outlook---how great your condition was caught now and you have a great hospital, too. I'd hazard a guess...
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    Still having lots of pain and depression 6 weeks post-op....any ideas?

    I am just over 4 weeks post surgery, and don't feel anything near "normal", but do feel better each day. My pain is just discomfort, unless I do something stupid like lift something. Just until last week, I have been sleeping in a recliner, so you are not alone. I still prop myself up in bed...
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    AVR tomorrow

    Please add my prayers and well wishes for your son's successful surgery and recuperation. Carol (Just 3 weeks post AVR today and feeling better each day!)
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    AVR with Aorta Replace Tomorrow (Monday 10/22)

    Wow, I am impressed! That is amazing to feel improved so quickly! Congratulations and best wishes for a continued speedy recovery! Carol
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    Avr surgery scheduled for Oct.25,2012. Requesting prayer

    Prayers for you both are offered! Keep the faith. Carol
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    Mechanical vs tissue

    Sounds like you're doing great, Gil. I came home 5 days ago, and I must say (knocking on wood) that each day is an improvement over the one before. I am managing the steps in our split level, and get out for a couple slow, short walks each day. I still feel like my chest is made of eggshell and...
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    Home today from hospital

    Hi all, Just a quick note to say I came home today. Four days in cardiac ICU, then the step-down unit. Recovery was mostly uneventful to date, although I feel like I've been hit by a bus. I'll write more when I have some energy... Carol