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    'per patient year' question

    I don't know the specifics. My mother-in-law received her device and supplies through Medicare. How much is paid for may depend upon your supplemental plan.
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    Eliquis instead of Coumadin

    Warfarin is cheap (<$10/month). Home testing is about $8 a pop and needs to be done every 2-4 weeks depending upon how stable you are. You can get supply disruptions for many reasons, such as hurricanes. I always get ahead of my routine prescriptions and keep an extra months supply of every...
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    'per patient year' question

    Home testing is covered by Medicare. Talk to whoever prescribes your warfarin.
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    Bloody nose

    Not sure what you mean by "background bleed." A little blood when you blow is of no concern. However I am on warfarin and occasionally get bloody noses that flow. Got them before warfarin too. If you don't normally get bloody noses, check your INR. For a bloody nose, the best thing is to...
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    32 years since my first!

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    'per patient year' question

    It's not appropriate on a forum such as this to call Daniel758 dishonest and a disingenuous idiot. It'd be nice if you'd reign it in every so often. A person can be wrong but honestly believe they are correct, this is not being dishonest. Not sure what you mean by idiot, but Daniel758...
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    'per patient year' question

    I was told by my cardio and surgeon that my mech. valve would last until I died of something else. That's all the statistics I need. I did however check the FDA records for my St. Jude and there was only 1 reported failure in the valve's history. That's a direct cause and effect of having my...
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    Greetings from Virginia - aortic valve replacement in my future

    I am a big person, 240-6". I heard my valve in the beginning but as time went by I don't hear it any more. It could be my hearing which wasn't what it used to be, but the ticking has never been a problem. Warfarin will only be a problem if you are the kind of person who cannot take a pill...
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    this is of course why I go right ahead and ignore Nutritionists

    Don't forget your grains and fruit...:)
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    BAVD And Weed?

    Take the advice of 15th century philosopher Erasmus: A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit. Do something habitually different when you feel the need to smoke pot. For example, take a jog, walk your dog, do a set of exercises, play a video game, call or text a friend...
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    Bad Back after surgery

    I get a bad back occasionally that wakes me up after 7 hours asleep. I sleep on my belly facing my right arm. I have a pinched nerve that can get irritated. Sleeping with a thin pillow helps. Getting up and doing my exercises for the pinched nerve helps too. I now do the exercises before...
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    Warfarin & arthritis: pain relievers?

    Well I have had several doctors and two cardios tell me that NSAIDs such as warfarin can cause stomach bleeding if used for a long period of time or in higher doses. Stomach bleeding is bad news if you are on warfarin for a heart valve. They have also told me to use Acetaminophen aka Tylenol.
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    Pre surgery process seems rushed

    My surgery needed to be done within 2 months of being told it was time. This was due to valve deterioration. Make sure they are not moving fast because your situation warrants it.
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    AVR is done. Going home.

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    Targets ... where do you shoot (and why)?

    For me it came from my experience with the coumadin clinic. If I went out of range a little, we just tested again in a week.. If I went out of range significantly, say 2.5 to 2.9 we adjusted by taking a 1/2 dose and tested again in a week. If I went low to 1.8, the adjustment was an...
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    Frequency OF Follow Up CT Scans

    I'd ask the doctor who prescribed it what about you condition requires it. You are unique and other's experiences may not be pertinent.
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    New cardiologist

    Your cardio is not managing your INR, thus he's not responsible nor does he know your INR history. The cardio practice I go to has a coumadin clinic run by a doctor other than my cardiologist. Not all cardios do warfarin therapy. My clinic does not support home dosing and disallows it, but...
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    Targets ... where do you shoot (and why)?

    I go for a target range: 1.8-2.8. Take action if outside range. My clinical range is supposed to be 2-2.5. A target implies there is one best INR which is false. I like to keep it a range, since that's all science really knows.
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    coumadin and glucosamine/chondroitin

    If you believe Wiki: Warfarin, sold under the brand name Coumadin among others, is a medication that is used as an anticoagulant (blood thinner).
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    Warfarin & arthritis: pain relievers?

    The risk with Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs with warfarin is stomach bleeding, not a change in INR. NSAIDs can cause ulcers which are very difficult to treat if you are on any anti-coagulant.