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    Post surgery: Cardiologist no longer part of routine?

    I got an appointment in December, the soonest date for cardiologist. It's been a year, I didn't realize.
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    Chicago White Sox manager gets a pacemaker

    And he is out for the rest of the season, indefinitely. Odd thing, I had a premonition that he would be gone. Tony LaRussa is in the news...a hall of fame baseball manager, age 77. And yet the feedback is that fans are indifferent and some don't want him back. Not sensitive at all. Some players...
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    Five years later

    Five years ago, mitral valve replacement and double bypass. Successful. No symptoms now. Had to rehab all alone without help at followup was excellent.
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    Post surgery: Cardiologist no longer part of routine?

    So the concensus is to visit the cardiologist every 6 months? My valve replacement bipass was exactly 5 years ago and went fine. I saw my Dr. every 6 months for a cursory brief visit and took a few tests. I skipped the last visit...figured it is unnecessary, and the secretaries are so annoying...
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    I can't stop crying

    I search Google Scholar or academic databases for professional peer reviewed studies, though they may not be full text, or you can purchase it. Some public or academic libraries have access to medical databases. It usually takes much time and patience. If this disturbs you in future then...
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    Post Surgery long-term followup with cardiologist

    I had a mitral valve tissue replacement and double bipass in 2017, and saw my cardiologist every 6 months, except I skipped the last one. How long must I continue? He orders tests that I may or may not need, and checks my heart. The thing is the office staff are annoying, rude on the phone. They...
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    When I had prostate surgery, my thigh went numb and the surgeon did not have answers. It was the anaesthesia, I assume. Numbness bothered me for many years, nothing I could do. I was angry. Gradually, it went away and it seems okay now. Does this help any?
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    How did you discover your valve issue?

    During an office visit. Doctor said my murmur was loud. His eyes opened wide, so I knew it was trouble. He referred me to a cardiologist, who said little to me. Since then I have had 3 other cardiologists. All agreed. The first doctor also discovered cancer years before that--but that's another...
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    Doctors & Nurses - THANK YOU!!

    Agree. I finally got a lot of attention from nurses...but for the wrong reasons LOL
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    Do you take the full echocardiogram test with imaging, treadmill?

    Four years after my double bipass and valve replacement, my doctor ordered this "deluxe" echo test. I have no symptoms of new heart trouble. With my BlueCross, it is $250. or 10% of total. I wonder, why did I need this? (It was normal.) Usually tests are $50.00. I don't want to take...
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    Four years after

    It is now 4 years since my double bipass and valvereplacement. Seems longer. Cannot complain. I was well taken care of. Took major stress test last week.
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    Covid Vaccines

    Never underestimate the naivety, stupidity and gullibility of hordes of American voters, mostly uneducated, unsophisticated. Someone once said, if fascism ever comes to America or another democracy, it will be thrust with patriotism. Well, at least Trump has a funny sense of humor.
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    Doctors & Nurses - THANK YOU!!

    If you care to tell more nurses, try visiting ALLNURSES website. Very active nurse members from world. Interesting perspectives and info, and some bad stories, too.
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    As I suspected: Emotional stress including depression, insomnia, stress and loneliness induce heart disease

    I read about this once in a book from the Seventies, I think. No assumption I assume. Physically, how would lonely depressed feelings alter valves and high blood pressure? My cardiologist said that this isn't true. Anger is linked to heart disease he says. I do not trust empirical...
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    Cardiologists - Enemies or Humans?

    I have had 4 different cardiologists, none talkative. One laughed in the clinic (My comment is hilarious?).They do the minimum because I am interrupting their day, it seems. Maybe they are bored or uninterested . Typically they walk out the door in the middle of talking. Professional rudeness...
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    I love licorice too, but

    I stopped eating all licorice because it creates cavities, sticks to my teeth or might pull out my teeth. Anise is safer
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    Doing valve replacement overseas without insurance

    Do you have the cash to spend on it? No credit is permitted? For U.S. surgeons, I found a website 3 years ago that provides details on each one's success rate in types of surgeries. My surgeon at a small hospital near Chicago is listed with around 97% success rate. Most heart surgeons have high...
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    Doing valve replacement overseas without insurance

    Scenario 2 looks best to me. Have it done there, if you trust the doctor and he has a very high success rate, over 95%, as mine did. I found the data online in a survey. I also am very alone with nobody I can rely on. Single. I went through rehab alone at home with no company, no assistance...
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    Three years ago it happened.

    Three years since my double bipass and valve replacement. No problems since. Still see my doc every 6 months for checkup. No new medicines. Very grateful!
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    How has it been since your Valve replacement?

    Three years ago. Double bipass and valve. No problems since, thank God. I am so grateful.