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  1. spartangator

    8 years today

    Happy valversary. Here's to many more.
  2. spartangator

    Celebrating my one-year anniversary.

    Congratulations! Here's to many more
  3. spartangator

    Two years for me today

    Congratulations and many more to you
  4. spartangator

    Ten years ago today...

    Happy 10! Here's to many more
  5. spartangator

    New Valve, New Me

    Welcome, @chebag, and thanks for sharing. Great to have you here (well, you know, for a club no one wants to join :))
  6. spartangator

    17 YRS!

    Happy valversary! Here's to many more
  7. spartangator

    I just passed ten

    Congratulations on 10, and here's to many more!
  8. spartangator

    25 years

    Happy anniversary!
  9. spartangator

    10 years on

    Happy valversary. Many more to you
  10. spartangator

    9 years

    Happy valversary!
  11. spartangator

    14 years today

    14 years ago I left the hospital and into this new chapter. Couldn't be more grateful for the experiences and wisdom and support shared here over the years. It's a club no one wants to join, but I'm happy it's here, regardless.
  12. spartangator

    Four years after

    Here's to many more for you!
  13. spartangator

    30 yesrs

    Congratulations and many more to you
  14. spartangator

    ONE YEAR OUT!!!!!

    Congratulations. Welcome to this new chapter!
  15. spartangator

    7 yrs today

    Happy valversary to you. Here's to many more.
  16. spartangator

    20 years on September in 2001

    Congratulations and many more to you!
  17. spartangator

    54 years..........but who's counting!

    Congratulations. We are lucky to benefit from your wisdom around here.
  18. spartangator

    Covid Vaccines

    Your point is well-taken. I just wanted to give it a go.
  19. spartangator

    Covid Vaccines

    You are correct about the 'unconvincible,' of course, @pellicle. That's one part of public health I work on so I know it well, but it doesn't always stop me from fool's errands, unfortunately, because I would love for us humans (me included) to be more mindful, considerate, and well. Sadly, as a...
  20. spartangator

    Covid Vaccines

    Hi @QuincyRunner, I'd love to help here if you're really interested in answers, as your opening comments lead me to believe. On your first question about hospitals, there are a number of reasons that medical institutions do not mandate vaccines (including my own), COVID and otherwise (but...