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  1. OldManEmu


    Cultures are next to useless if you have been on antibiotics. I had my first culture done months before the endocarditis was found and as I had been on antibiotics they came back negative. When the endocarditis was found it was after I was becoming sick again and cultures were done after being...
  2. OldManEmu

    FDA approves TAVR for more than high risk patients

    At my latest cardio visit this year when discussing my tissue valve life span she mentioned that TAVR now has less risk in placement than conventional AVR and was going to be used as the standard replacement option for all patients over 75 not just high risk patients. She sits on numerous...
  3. OldManEmu


    I have had endocarditis and it is what caused my first AVR. Like you it was a strep infection however I had it for 8 months before it was identified. Once strep was isolated I was on penicillian 3 times a day in hospital then a PICC line was inserted and I was treated at home for a further 3...
  4. OldManEmu

    Writing a idea where to post this!

    I would be thinking about breaking the 50 points down to 3 categories, pre-surgery from the point that you are refered to a surgeon, surgery and the hospital stay, the first 6 weeks post hospital until you are cleared for normal activities such as weight lifting with in reason and no driving...
  5. OldManEmu

    Aortic aneurysm (watchful waiting) weight / resistance training

    I had a 4.7cm aortic aneurysm at the time of my first surgery that couldn't be addressed then because of my poor state, only the AVR was done. It remained stable for close to 6 years with yearly CT scans until it went to 5.2cm triggering a 6 month follow up in which it had slightly increased...
  6. OldManEmu

    My Mom Has Turned A Corner - Becky

    That’s good news, moving her to a hospital that actually knows how to treat heart failure properly has paid off. If your mother had no mental issues before the VR you may want to ask the doctors if it is being caused by any of the medication she is on. A lot of heart related medications carry...
  7. OldManEmu

    I almost missed it! ! !

    Congratulations Steve on the 8th birthday. I also had my redo March 2011 so my 8th birthday is also this month. I also received a Edwards Bovine Pericardial valve however mine is a 27mm. This year is 15 years for me since my first AVR, the second AVR was far easier than the first.
  8. OldManEmu

    Pacemakers and Defibrillators.

    This is a question for people with either of these, I do not have one. I ask this question as I have a car with a keyless operation system and the owner’s manual has a specific warning regarding these. That is as follows. People with implantable cardiac pacemakers of defibrillators should not go...
  9. OldManEmu

    Update on Becky & Her Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery.

    What you experienced at the other hospital was a failure to address your mother’s heart failure in a coherent manner. The hospital and its doctors appear to have been out of their depth when dealing with your mother. You now appear to have her at a hospital that at least knows how to treat heart...
  10. OldManEmu

    Update on Becky & Her Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery.

    Hi I have been reading your comments regarding what appears to be a very poor handling of your mother’s situation. I am do not know her age so this may be playing some bearing on it as in Australia the treatment of over 85 patients does not appear to be as interventionist as it would be for...
  11. OldManEmu

    Fresh out of the hospital and new here

    Anita Welcome, there are a few of us here that have had multiple surgeries. A rapid heart rate post surgery isn't unusual and should settle down with a few months, don’t forget your heart has suffered trauma from the surgery and handling. A feeling of a pounding heart beat isn’t unusual post...
  12. OldManEmu

    Would Like Feedback on Both Pig & Cow Valves By Medtronic and Edwards.

    Pellicle Jack Bockros founded On-X around the same time as ATS was founded so wasn't involved with ATS. The different valves that Jack designed mainly had refinements to the design with minor changes made to the opening angle of the leaflets and the hinge point of the leaflets to improve the...
  13. OldManEmu

    Would Like Feedback on Both Pig & Cow Valves By Medtronic and Edwards.

    Pellicle The reason bi leaflet mechanical valves are so similar is they are mostly designed by the same man Jack Bokros. He was involved in the original St Jude bileaflet valve in the late 1970's. Jack was also the founder of Carbomedics and On-X, two of the other major makers of mechanical valves.
  14. OldManEmu

    Would Like Feedback on Both Pig & Cow Valves By Medtronic and Edwards.

    Becky I have had both in the Aortic position the first was a Medtronic Mosaic porcine valve, I had this valve installed at 41 and was in for close to 7 years it was replaced at the same time as I had and aneurysm repair, the valve was still functioning OK however was showing the early signs of...
  15. OldManEmu

    After all these years.......a new problem

    Dick that’s certainly not good news, I can understand your wait and watch approach given your age. I am curious how it was discovered given that at 5.8cm it would have taken quite a while to develop. Is the aneurysm in the ascending aorta or the abdominal aorta? My own experience with an...
  16. OldManEmu

    Antibiotics and AA

    The FDA has earlier this year also issued a directive to update the warning on packaging for this drug to highlight the potential effect on mental health and blood sugar levels.
  17. OldManEmu

    Extra beats

    From your description it sounds like the bigeminy that I experienced in the final months leading to my first surgery when my heart was enlarged and I was in class III and later class IV heart failure. The heart was in normal rhythm however every normal beat was immediately followed by a weaker...
  18. OldManEmu

    Extra beats

    Your description of it being every other beat sounds a lot like Bigeminy. I had this type of heart beat before my first surgery when my heart was enlarged and I was suffering from class IV heart failure. Every normal heart beat was followed quickly with what felt like a weaker second beat. The...
  19. OldManEmu

    Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis?

    Kyle I haven't had prosthetic valve endocarditis however I have had native valve endocarditis. My story is similar to yours in that my symptoms were like yours recurrent low grade fever, a few episodes of night sweats and overall general fatigue this went on for many months when I would visit...
  20. OldManEmu

    web design

    Business must be slow for them in Iran.