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  1. J

    14yrs and still playing basketball @ 49

    Hi. Been away for quite some time. Been busy with work and active lifestyle. Having the surgery early in my life and listening to my heaven sent cardiologist has given me a very fruitful second life. I am very thankful to the Lord. The only reminder of my surgery is the mark on my chest. Hoping...
  2. J

    Body aches, Chills and Fever.

    Hi there. Im jepskie from the philippines. I am 6 years post op. Ive had AVR on April 2005. Im ok but right now i have a 2 day fever, body chills, body aches, Please advise what to do. tnx in advance.
  3. J

    Basketball Enthusiasts .

    Hi! I am Joey from the Philippines. I am 40 years old, a five year post AVR (St Jude's) patient. Before i was diagnosed with Endocarditis on December 2003, i was a very active ball player. After i was operated on April 2005 and fully recovered, i changed my activity to low impact ones. However...