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  1. johnnycake23

    Guinness world record

    So this is the GOAT of pigs??
  2. johnnycake23

    13 year Edwards Magna Perimount Anniversary

    Lucky 13! Congratulations. Keep it up.
  3. johnnycake23

    17 years with my Edwards bovine

    Great news, fellow tissue-valver. Here's to reaching 20 and beyond.
  4. johnnycake23

    17 YRS!

    So, your valves are getting ready to graduate high school. Love these types of stories. Congratulations.
  5. johnnycake23

    Tissue Valve Turns 14

    From your mouth...
  6. johnnycake23

    Tissue Valve Turns 14

    Thanks to all for the responses. This note was meant more for to address the age-old "how long will a tissue valve last?" discussion. This is just my entry into those annals. I'd be happy to address my PVCs (which I have in different forums) but not here, as this is more celebratory and...
  7. johnnycake23

    Tissue Valve Turns 14

    Greetings, It was 14 years ago today that I had my once-repaired aortic valve replaced with a C/E bovine valve at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. It was not the smoothest road to recovery (collapsed lung, blood transfusion) but the staff there was great. And the last echo earlier...
  8. johnnycake23

    14 years today

    Congratulations. Here's to many more logs being thrown onto this fire.
  9. johnnycake23

    16 years with my bovine valve

    A sweet 16 indeed. Duffey with a toughy valve. Congratulations. As someone with a bovine (13.5 years and counting) in his 50's, it is stories like these that interest me greatly. If there's a secret to your longevity, please share. Happy anniversary.
  10. johnnycake23

    COVID Long Hauler Looking for Help

    Hi, just thought I'd post an update on my better half's condition. Yesterday we went to see my electrophysiologist, just for a second opinion. Heretofore wifey has been advised by her primary that she should be free of COVID symptoms for four weeks before considering the vaccine. Well, the ep...
  11. johnnycake23

    COVID Long Hauler Looking for Help

    I've never heard of Ivermectin, but I'll certainly look into it. And I'll also read what FLCCC says next week regarding long haulers. Thank you for this information.
  12. johnnycake23

    COVID Long Hauler Looking for Help

    Hi, and thank you for the input. In response to some of the recommendations above, she's been on no less than four cycles of steroids, which helped while she was on them, but the issues re-appeared once the cycle was over. Along with her heart meds, she's been taking a multivitamin, Vitamin D...
  13. johnnycake23

    COVID Long Hauler Looking for Help

    Thanks for the insight, Woodcutter. So I guess it's not a big deal that he didn't use a stethoscope. For me it seemed odd because my entire adult life when I've seen a cardio or my electro a stethoscope was used. Appreciate your response.
  14. johnnycake23

    COVID Long Hauler Looking for Help

    Pellicle, thank you for this; I will read them with great interest. In fact, you made me realize I omitted an important point. She has been advised that she needs to be symptom-free at least four weeks before getting the vaccine. The titles to these two articles seem to suggest exactly the...
  15. johnnycake23

    COVID Long Hauler Looking for Help

    Hello out there, I've been on this site for over a decade and it has been very helpful to me (and no doubt others). But this post is not about me. Back in November my wife caught COVID, and one of her symptoms, along with pleurisy and a persistent cough (imagine coughing for six months...
  16. johnnycake23

    MOO is now 10!

    Steve, congratulations on your Bo Derek anniversary.
  17. johnnycake23

    10 year anniversary!

    Excellent. Congratulations.
  18. johnnycake23

    Sweet 16 Valversary !!

    Excellent news. Keep going strong.
  19. johnnycake23

    Is this normal?

    Hi Lily, the part about "I put off calling the dr." and "Haven't been to a dr. in over a year but not scheduled for the cardiologist til next year," perhaps you may want to reconsider. If nothing else, put in a call to his/her office. No harm in that. They may schedule a telehealth visit, which...
  20. johnnycake23

    3 decades ticking away!

    I can do without that kind of fun, but congratulations all the same.