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  1. Warrick

    New Member

    Hi Gia, welcome FWIW if you go the mechanical valve route it should last your lifetime, my father had a mechanical St Jude implanted in 1984 and passed last year from unrelated cancer. He had no issues from 30+ years of warfarin. He had childhood rheumatic fever whereas I had a bicuspid valve so...
  2. Warrick

    400 person study on lower INR (1.5-2.5) with mechanical valve

    Shame to read that the FDA is bent more than a banana... as a "friends of NATO" country from what I've seen our pharmaceuticals industry here take all the approvals as gospel. I'll flog a dead horse and say I have spoken to of a number of people on warfarin for Afib switched over to Dabigatran...
  3. Warrick

    Aortic aneurism with bicuspid valve - options in 51 year old

    Hi Andy, where abouts in NZ are you? I'm guessing perhaps Auckland as I had my OHS in Chch and I think there's only 3 surgeons here that all work out of the same pool for public and do private as well. My 2 cents on warfarin is it is easier to manage it yourself here, I see a pool of doctors at...
  4. Warrick

    Warfarin (Coumadin) and sleep problems

    Not insomnia but still sleep related, I came across this recently as I have sleep apnea and have just started using a CPAP machine in the last few weeks, I also hover around 10-11mg a day warfarin dose depending on my INR week to week, I have spent the last 8 weeks on 11mg daily but after a few...
  5. Warrick

    12 years

    Congratulations!🎂🍷 Sounds like a few pretty big bumps along the way, glad you are with us 😊
  6. Warrick

    I don’t know what to do anymore

    @carolinemc if you still have the card St Jude sends out a few months after your op it will say on there. My number starts with 27AGN, 27mm is the size and the AGN I believe denotes it is a Regent. My fathers valve was a 25A-101 St Jude. I have heard the number is also imprinted on the valve...
  7. Warrick

    Valve anniversary soon

    Hi Philip, my father had a St Jude implanted in 1984 which was still ticking problem free when he passed last year, so they really do last your lifetime😊 I also have a St Jude.
  8. Warrick

    Tissue Valve

    The son of Ronald McDonald? D was that ur stag doo before nuptials with supergirl?
  9. Warrick

    Tissue Valve

    I thought that might have been D on his last date, the one in blue appears to have small breasts and an abnormally large clitoris, the other guy which I can only assume is him appears to have stuffed socks in his undies, perhaps to compensate for the dude behind him with one eye 🤔🤪😉
  10. Warrick

    Bleeding issue

    My father knew Ian Hole, and knew he had a mechanical valve.
  11. Warrick

    Not a hug milestone compared to others, but today is 3 years

    Congrats! Wether its 3 yrs or 30 yrs every anniversary is sacred 😊
  12. Warrick

    Bleeding issue

    Sadly I agree with @slipkid A friend of mine had his bicuspid valve replacement and aneurym repair go horribly wrong due to a mistake by the surgeon (who I’m sure has a list of accolades as long as your arm) which eventually resulted in him having to have a heart transplant. Then theres this...
  13. Warrick


    Just came across this warfarin alternative trial, Iv only had time to skim it but looks interesting
  14. Warrick

    I don’t know what to do anymore

    Two heartening life stories there from Superman and Pel. Beautiful. Mate its not easy, I’m still coming to terms with the ticking, even after 6 yrs, I’ve found just lately when deer hunting mates are hearing things I can’t cause of the ticking🙄 Still shot 2 nice stags in the weekend. But...
  15. Warrick

    Hello from the PNW US

    Unfortunately its apparantly around 80% of BAVs lead to surgery... I guess glass half full theres a 20% chance it won’t lead to surgery, thats a 1 in 5 chance it wont so much better odds than a lottery ticket 😊🤞...
  16. Warrick

    Hello from the PNW US

    Hi ddio, its certainly alot to take in, I was 38 when I had my bicuspid valve replaced so I know exactly where you are coming from, 6 years on and being on this forum life has gone on as normal as it can be. Sounds like you are along way from surgery if ever (hopefully never). I guess you maybe...
  17. Warrick

    Trifecta Valve Concerns

    A new synthetic pulmonary valve currently in trials-
  18. Warrick

    Trifecta Valve Concerns

    #metoo #cableguy #💩
  19. Warrick

    Trifecta Valve Concerns

    Hit the nail on the head !
  20. Warrick

    Trifecta Valve Concerns