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    Dental work post-surgery

    Your dentist will direct you on his/her standards for a cardio patient on Warfarin. Most dentist will help you get premed set up. Good luck.
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    Rethinking Coag-Sense

    A laboratory where one goes to get blood pricked for testing. Hope you got it now. So sad when a writer does not understand plain standard English and never uses a dictionary. Please be a nice person today. Bye. Protime. Have a nice day. And it does a finger prick for a conga check use. Faster...
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    Rethinking Coag-Sense

    And they use finger prick for the same machine you use at home. Only need needle in arm if my Protime goes too high, like 4.0. Got it now. No hate here, just we do not always agree and shame on you for calling me on not agreeing all the time. If we all agreed about everything, then Planet Earth...
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    Rethinking Coag-Sense

    And you were misunderstanding someone else's comment, not mine. LMAO!
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    Rethinking Coag-Sense

    I go to a lab that uses the same equipment as you do at home. Now do you understand what I commented. If not, then you need to learn standard English, not putting you down, but some people do not understand simple English these days. Have a nice day. :)
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    Foods on warfarin

    Then be more clear in your comments here. For it sounded like you were visiting Cardo doctor every few years or not at all. Not the wrong message for we are very serious about Cardio/Vascular care.
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    Rethinking Coag-Sense

    Uh they use the same as you do, as they are up to date teaching hospital. Much better than getting a needle in the arm.
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    Foods on warfarin

    And since he also had irregular visits the heart doctor, I would assume.
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    Foods on warfarin

    Dude, not a great idea of forgoing the PT check. You run the risk of strokes and other problems if you are not dosed properly. You need to have PT checked once a month or more depending on your meds, or if you have to take Antibiotics for infection. You are in more danger not getting it checked...
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    Rethinking Coag-Sense

    My hospital lab uses coag-sense.
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    New member

    I got wonderful Compression socks at Amazon, no regrets. Legs are better with these compression socks that even nurses, and others wear. And can take the heat of summer also. And paid less for a 6 pack of them.
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    I don’t know what to do anymore

    Not that the Open-Heart Surgery is something terrible to survive. The fact you survive is a great thing. Adding years to your life is so worth it.
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    400 person study on lower INR (1.5-2.5) with mechanical valve

    On-x is not the only valve out there. I have a St. Judes' leaflet valve and it has been since 2001, so it has been 22 years in September. Most hospitals offer what the hospital will allow. But with the St. Jude and On-x valves you do still have to take a blood thinner, but you test more on the...
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    My mvr story so far.

    I get the electronic file, not the paper on everything done. I can get copies of my records online or in person.
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    My mvr story so far.

    Studies? Or Medical Records. For in the USA we can have copies of our medical records to use for reference when visiting a new doctor and keeping up with your medical records.
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    After your surgery, what are some of the things that you found out that surprised you

    You under meds supplied by the doctors and nurses and it worked on you till you were completely awake. It happens to some of us. It is till they take the tubes and stuff off. Your imagination helped you deal till you were completely awake. The mind does strange things when we are under medical...
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    Blood Infection

    My abscess is in the groin area. But the doctor drained it and packed it and I go back tomorrow. Praying hard that it will be better soon, no more abscess there.
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    Blood Infection

    You mention an abscess, that can allow bacteria to come into the body. Good luck in getting that abscess gone and with the infection from it.
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    Unique situation?

    A lifecycle did not cause Arnold to have another Bypass, it was failing from the repair. An exercise machine does not break down the aortic valve. It is over time that failure of the valve is imminent and have to be repaired again or replaced. You do not know what caused his valve to fail, for...
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    2nd Surgery coming Up

    My OnX is also 21, and i was 200 pounds at surgery time, now around 190 pounds, so far so good, but i have not seen a cardiologist since the "Virus" arrived.... You need to be seen on a regular basis to keep up with your condition. Not good to ignore heart health. You need to go every 6 months...