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  1. Brinntache

    Fractured penis in a patient taking sildenafil(Viagra) and warfarin

    Sweet Jesus I did not need to see that.
  2. Brinntache

    On-X lower your INR target mailer.

    I got mine last April so... I have no idea why it was sent now. Advertising I suspect. I want to see the post-FDA approval data before I ask for a lower INR target. (Currently 2.5.)
  3. Brinntache

    On-X lower your INR target mailer.

    I got this in the mail, telling me to "take this postcard with you to discuss this information with your physician." Anyone else get this? No link to the study behing the FDA approval, no discussion of the risks from dropping the target INR. Why advertise On-X to a doctor who already uses On-X...
  4. Brinntache

    Just found out.

    My wife reached out to a world-renowned heart surgeon before mine, and he said "this is a big deal for you but it is a very routine procedure for the surgeon." He was right, my surgeon knew exactly how long the surgurey would take, what he would find, how it would be dealt with. Recovery takes a...
  5. Brinntache

    1 week to go!

    And don't forget to add all the details to your signature. Gotta get the street cred!
  6. Brinntache

    New member

    I bought those exact socks that @pellicle has on his post. They work fine, not too tight. Not quite the same level as the premium compression socks but a heck of a lot cheaper. You can buy a few. Easier to get on as well. Recommend, easily worth the cost to see if they work for you.
  7. Brinntache

    Cod Liver Oil Warning

    For joints I am a big fan of Glucosamine. Maybe get the Tumeric compound version, since I'm guessing you don't get a lot of spice in your fine Irish cuisine. (blood sausage anyone?...)
  8. Brinntache

    Cod Liver Oil Warning

    Fish oil interaction with warfarin - PubMed Seems like it can be a thing for some people. Now be aware that this study covers exactly 1 patient, so keep it in context.
  9. Brinntache

    Warfarin (Coumadin) and sleep problems

    I second trying melatonin before bed. I wish warfarin made me bulk out... You could try taking the warfarin first thing after waking up. See if it makes a difference. Let us know.
  10. Brinntache

    Drink before INR test, does it affect the reading?

    The second test was to see if alchohol in the bloodstream was the issue. Worth an 8$ to find out.
  11. Brinntache

    Drink before INR test, does it affect the reading?

    I took my INR today stone cold sober. 3.7 again. Time to eat some kale dammit.
  12. Brinntache

    Drink before INR test, does it affect the reading?

    Took my INR and it was 3.7 instead of my usual 2.5-3.0. I had a healthy vodka lemonade an hour before. Would alcohol actively in the blood affect the reading? I don't want to start adjusting my dosage if I was just a dumb ass. Thoughts? Experience?
  13. Brinntache

    Staying the Course - Summer Already?

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
  14. Brinntache

    Staying the Course - Summer Already?

    Canoeing the Canadian shield.
  15. Brinntache

    Pig heart transplant

  16. Brinntache

    Severe Aortic Regurgitation Leading to Second Surgery

    I guess nobody studies/evaluates these things in high-performance situations. They only take measurements on people who are lying down on a table. The results of such a study would have altered my choice, knowing that valve A performs 10% better than valve B when hiking/riding/running.
  17. Brinntache

    Warfarin (Coumadin) and sleep problems

    to add to Pellicle's list, try Melatonin before bed. I find it helps me, and it's about as safe as it gets.
  18. Brinntache

    Really new here.

    I had ultrasounds for years before I got to surgery. One of the benefits of multiple ultrasounds is that they can see progression. Is it getting worse or is it stable? Big difference in how you treat it.
  19. Brinntache

    Howdy - AVR coming up!

    I was in the same place as you, but strangely enough I was not nervous. I think it was because I'd spent so long waiting for the operation and the symptoms were coming on heavy that I was able to accept the surgery as the only sensible course of action. As for the warfarin lifestyle it's not so...
  20. Brinntache

    I don’t know what to do anymore

    I don't want to sound flippant, but I say hit the gym. Fill out those chest muscles. Scars can be sexy, especially on a fit person. Plus exercise does wonders for depression. I know this personally. Even that tick can be sexy. My wife gets very pleased with herself when she makes the tic get...