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  1. Amy

    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    So it does. I wonder whether that was intact on my last order, or if it was just the seller’s tape I had to peel off. Hmm. I’ll be sure to check more closely next time - thank you. But yes, curious indeed for there to be no seal on the bottom..
  2. Amy

    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    I could be mistaken but I don’t think the boxes of strips, at least for the Coaguchek XS, are sealed to begin with, are they? Nor are the plastic tubes of strips. The last box of strips I ordered had some tape over the fold-down box flaps, but I think the seller did that. Can anyone confirm?...
  3. Amy

    I don’t know what to do anymore don’t mention any complications post-op. If you didn’t have any, you are extremely lucky; however, not having had them, you neither have the gratitude that comes from them finally going away. Embarrassed? Who gives a $&*# about being embarrassed? Sooner or later you’ll realize that...
  4. Amy

    Discontinuing Metoprolol Update

    This pulse variation is not uncommon, is it? I did go to a new cardiologist yesterday. The problem is that these guys spend three minutes in the room with you, make eye contact for five seconds, and say you’re fine. Without answering questions; without really looking (for example, I told him I...
  5. Amy

    Discontinuing Metoprolol Update

    My pulse has slowly come up, obviously, since stopping Metoprolol, but it’s not that high - still under 100 at home, under 60 resting, & up to 140 or so on a walk. I know that going back on it would be the easiest way, but ... I don’t like relying on more things than I absolutely have to, I...
  6. Amy

    26 & awaiting mechanical valve

    @jamessd There are a lot of posts and threads about deciding between a mechanical valve and a biological one and/or the Ross procedure. Look for them to help you make the right decision! Yoy do have to be able to remember to take the Warfarin every day though, if you go with mechanical. To...
  7. Amy

    26 & awaiting mechanical valve

    Whenever I let my INR get above 3.5 or so, I tend to bruise. I bump my knee or something and forget about it, but the next day it’s huge and looks awful and takes a long time to go awaand is painful to the touch, which bruises didn’t ever used to be, for me. I’d love to go skiing like I used...
  8. Amy

    Discontinuing Metoprolol Update

    That’s be the CC surgeon, who apparently wants nothing to do with patients once he’s done with them. His secretary even reported me to their ombudsman office when I tried to get an answer about another drug he had me on. They actually told me not to contact his office anymore, but to do...
  9. Amy

    INR of 1.0 with mechanical valve

    Maybe so, but avoiding eating too many greens at one time (especially kale or broccoli) is good thinking. Just wanted to say that while people on this forum often say ‘dose the diet’ and ‘eat what you want,’ in my experience (as a vegetarian) it is actually extremely important to not gloss over...
  10. Amy

    Discontinuing Metoprolol Update

    I’ve been short of breath and having dizzy spells since stopping metoprolol a week ago. (I know this post is twelve years old, but the topic is similar.) I very slowly weaned myself off it. It’s been a year since my AVR; I’d gone down to just one 25 mg pill a day within a month or two after...
  11. Amy

    Cold weather

    Hi. I hope time heals that pain you get with cold weather. I didn’t have any metal plates put in, but I have noticed that since the surgery I get deep aching pains in my bones with cold weather. I wondered if it was from them sawing through a rib & the sternum to get to the heart. I often...
  12. Amy

    Sent Request to Kaiser Permanente

    Hello. I know this thread is a bit old, but could you share that study? Thank you.
  13. Amy

    Irregular Heartbeat

    Hi, I don’t have experience with AFib specifically, but taking magnesium seems to help make other arrhythmias less frequent. Can’t find specifics in the literature right now, but this is interesting:
  14. Amy

    Vision problems 12 months on

    Ok, if no one else is going to ask, I will: What is the magic supplement?? lol I used to very occasionally sort of go cross-eyed right before the surgery but not since; whenever it happened I had to close my eyes and wait it out; luckily it only lasted a couple minutes. How do you function...
  15. Amy

    Eliquis instead of Coumadin

    That’s the trial my CC surgeon wanted me to be in last year; I was like, “I just want the valve with the best track record in hemodynamics, etc. - I don’t care about helping out with a study.” He hemmed and hawed till finally, the morning of surgery, when the nurse came and asked if I had any...
  16. Amy

    Chest/sternal pain

    I’m 10 months post op and have been doing lots of prescribed stretches with exercise bands, some planks etc for some (unrelated-to-the-surgery) neck and back pain i was having.. and I think it’s setting off more of the chest / sternal pain like I had up until about 5-6 months post op. So even...
  17. Amy

    New Here - Are Beta Blockers necessary?

    I’ve lowered my Metoprolol dose to a quarter pill a day, 8 months post op, so it’s only 6.25 mg or so... but I get arrhythmias if I go any lower than that... Some people here said you just have to put up with the arrhythmias for a week, (after stopping Metoprolol) & then they’ll go away... but...
  18. Amy

    Which tea won't affect my INR?

    Green tea affects my INR. I read about a woman who was sensitive to black tea, on Warfarin. It is something I consider if my INR is a bit high - did I forget to drink my green tea this week? - and usually that’s the case. (Note: I drink really strong jasmine tea without ever removing the tea...
  19. Amy

    Coumadin clinic

    Did you mean that you ARE comfortable splitting pills? Sorry, it’s 4 am, I may have missed something.... I also (briefly, thank god) had a Coumadin clinic that wouldn’t prescribe different dosages and insisted I add or subtract half a 5 mg pill a week depending on whether I was above or below...
  20. Amy

    Why both Warfarin AND aspirin?

    I don’t. I just need, as the title of the post makes clear, to know * why * we are often on both, so when a random doctor who, in other ways is untrustworthy, says to go off it, I can decide whether that’s really a good thing or not.