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    9 years

    9 years! 66 tomorrow, no issues, life is good!
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    8 Years

    Eight-year anniversary on April 2nd, 65th Birthday on April 3. Edwards Bovine, No Meds… Going Strong!
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    New Valve AVA

    I had my valve replaced on April 2nd with an Edwards 23MM Pericardial Magna Ease Aortic Valve. Surgery and recovery went extremely well.... follow up echo says everything is working fine and that my AVA is 1.5cm which is smaller than I would have thought. I knew it would not be the...
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    Baby Aspirin

    AVR in about two weeks. My surgeon didnt say that I should stop taking the aspirin... A freind in the medical business was surprised he didnt. I plan on calling the surgeon to see if maybe he forgot to say anything. Did any of your doctors tell you to stop few weeks prior to AVR?
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    Valve Question

    Doc says it’s time to replace aortic valve, I’m 57 years young and know the book says I should get a mechanical valve. I’m very active, have no other medical issues and feel I’m in the prime of my life. If I go bio I could realistically need three operations. This may be common knowledge but...
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    Its Time for Surgery

    I was diagnosed with AS -BAV about 5 years ago and fortunate to be nosing around this site for the last two. Had a TEE last Friday, CATH yesterday and doc says its time. Now I need pick a surgeon and decide what type of valve. I’ll be 57 in April and very active so I prefer a bioprosthetic vs...