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    So, I went to my GP for a check-up. I told my doctor about my occasional dizziness so he had an in office EKG done on me. He looked at the results of the EKG and asked how I was feeling? I said, except for the occasional dizziness and a little fatigue I've been getting around just fine. I told...
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    Fasting and Warfarin

    Anyone have experience with fasting (intermittent or extended) while taking Warfarin. Does your INR jump while fasting?
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    5 Years!

    Hello everyone. It's been a long while since I've been on the forum. In February 2021 I celebrated a 5 year anniversary with my St. Jude mechanical heart valve. Through hundreds of Warfarin tablets later and at home INR testing, I still don't regret my choice for a mechanical valve. For...