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  1. Amy

    Why both Warfarin AND aspirin?

    Hello all. I’m 5 months post-op with a mechanical St Jude AVR. My incision finally closed up enough to get an echo done today, and the new cardiologist I saw afterwards advised me to stop taking the daily 81 mg of aspirin. Meanwhile my surgeon has said I need to take it for the rest of my life...
  2. Amy

    Did you have a follow-up echo 4-6 weeks post-op?

    Thank you for your advice about everything up till now. I’m grateful for you guys. So, two weeks post-op, I had an electrocardiogram. That was it. The cardiologist listened quickly to my chest, but didn’t comment on my incision. He also didn’t give any guidance on continuing either the beta...
  3. Amy

    Abdominal (aortic?) ‘flutter’

    I’ve noticed a strange feeling post-AVR. It started once or twice a day, around post-op day 15 or so, and I’m now feeling it more than a dozen times an hour, on this, post-op day 20. It’s like a brief tightness / flutter in my abdomen, about six inches above my bellybutton, and two inches to my...
  4. Amy

    Self-monitoring INR from the start

    Hey guys - I spent the last week calling around, and also actually going places, looking for a ‘Coumadin Clinic,’ or a PCP that knows anything at all about managing/adjusting INR (and who maybe seems open to eventually ‘letting’ me self-manage). Holy crap - the struggle is real. I’m not...
  5. Amy

    Imminent AVR - 40 y.o. female - advice please

    I was diagnosed with congenital severe aortic stenosis, at birth, I believe, and have been following it all this time, until Monday when the cardiologist noted a big jump in numbers and said "It's time." Current peak aortic valve gradient = 103.9 mmHg; mean = 63.3 mmHg. Two and a half years...