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  1. Superman

    Show of support for a Grand Rapids, MI valver that may be reading.

    A former co-worker and friend who’s spouse had an AVR and graft about a year before my last surgery is back to decision time. They may be reading and I’ll leave it to them to disclose what they want to (or don’t want to) about their situation. Suffice it to say, I credit these good people for...
  2. Superman

    Yoga and Warfarin?

    Here’s a, “Is this just me?” So I try a little yoga once in a while. I find that downward dog causes so much blood to rush to my head that I feel the pressure and my face turns red. Not painful. Just uncomfortable. Really, any time my head is below my heart is uncomfortable. Head stands...
  3. Superman

    Staying the Course - - Winter Edition

    How about it? Another thread reminded me to see how our good friend @Superbob is doing these days. Aside from the setting goals, we haven’t had one of these since Autumn. Winter has been somewhat typical if not late around here. No Christmas snow, but the ground has been white for all of 2022...
  4. Superman

    Covid must have been delivered using kryptonite?

    Tested positive. Somehow it found its way into the fortress of solitude. Fortunately symptoms are very mild. I only tested because my wife tested positive. We think it came from the hospital where she works. She was vaccinated fairly recently (a couple months) but that doesn’t seem to...
  5. Superman

    31 years on Warfarin

    Yesterday was 31 years since my first AVR. Snuck up on me this year. Time flies when you’re having fun.
  6. Superman

    Missed a dose. What do you do?

    Went away for the weekend celebrating 22 years of wedded bliss with Wonder Woman. Realized about 2 hours down the road that I forgot my drugs. That’s what soccer games and dance and setting the kids up for a decent weekend before we leave will do. Took my usual Saturday morning before we...
  7. Superman

    12 years ago today, Bentall Procedure

    Had my aneurysm repaired 12 years ago today. I think it’s still holding up. 👍
  8. Superman

    Elevation and INR

    Staying a couple weeks at around 5,000 ft in elevation. We live about 600 ft above sea level. Any reason this would cause INR to go from 2.5 - 4.0? I can’t think of any dietary or activity drivers.
  9. Superman

    There’s my face.

    Been a bit over 10 years here. Take a gander before I get shy and take it down again. Cheers!
  10. Superman

    Surgical survival rates...

    Off topic section for obvious reasons. If you don’t enjoy a little gallows humor, sorry about that. 😁
  11. Superman

    3 decades ticking away!

    Seems alike a while. I turn 48 in a couple days. Celebrated my 18th birthday by moving out of the ICU. That was exciting. 30 years ago today I received my first St. Jude valve. My second open heart was 11 years ago back in October when I got my shiny new aorta. Time flies when your having...
  12. Superman

    Staying the Course -- November 9, 2020

    Sorry to steal your thunder, Superbob! Big week at the Fortress of Solitude! It’s here! It’s here! It’s really here! Due to long lead times and a lack of patience on our part, we had to order well in advance of the Holidays. But our Tread arrived this weekend. All was not smooth. We had...
  13. Superman

    Schwarzenegger had another OHS

    Ross in the 1990’s. Pulmonary valve in 2018. Aortic valve in 2020. Three surgeries for the price of one. But what I’m annoyed by are the commenters in the news articles. “Steroids. See what happens?” Yes. We all brought our heart defects on ourselves. If only I had lived right as a kid I...
  14. Superman

    COVID-19 - How are you spending your time?

    Thought I’d start a “lighter side of the COVID-19 global pandemic” thread. I imagine I’m a bit unique in that work is busier than ever for me. Nature of my industry. We have a lot to do to help our customers right now. I’m also busy migrating my teaching to real time virtual and adapting...
  15. Superman

    Staying the Course March 1 - 7

    New course this week. Just got back from Disney World with the family. Tons of walking. Not much watching the diet. Great time had by all, but much cooler than our August trips. Managed to do just about everything that we wanted too. Even had a day to jump in the pool. Gave the new camera a...
  16. Superman

    29 years tomorrow!

    Wow. Another year already. Eating Warfarin like candy for 29 years just ticking away. Wonder who holds the record for the longest time on Warfarin? Anyone else start younger than 18? I beat that by two days. Not on my original mechanical valve anymore so I can’t shoot for that record. Only...
  17. Superman

    28 years since my first.

    Hoping to set some Warfarin duration records. Still in my mid forties. Just a teenager when I first went under the knife. Good times!
  18. Superman

    9 years since #2

    Just like that. Got my shiny new aorta on this date in 2009. Time flies.
  19. Superman

    Just so I don't miss it - 27 years tomorrow!

    Hope I make it! Figure I'd get this out here while it crossed my mind. First AVR at the ripe old age of 17, just two days shy of my 18th birthday (which means I'll be turning 45 on Thanksgiving Day). Received a birthday cake from the medical staff as well. Edie Brickel and the New Bohemians...
  20. Superman

    Bragging or complaining?

    A little of both, I guess. I had my annual check-up with a new cardiologist in August. He put me on Lasix for two weeks due to edema that was evident in the appointment. He also did blood work to rule out Congestive Heart Failure (which was, indeed, ruled out - YAY!!). Anyway - that all kick...