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    starting home INR monitoring questions

    I will be starting home INR monitoring once I get a device and strips but I have a few questions for those that are experienced with it. 1. I have a script from my PCP for a monitor and strips so that way when I purchase one I can submit receipts and the cost will go towards my deductible on...
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    Angel Flight

    For those of you interested in flying to and from your heart surgery appointments take a look at Angel Flight. I filled out the application and had a arriving and departing flight scheduled within a week! our pilot on the way to Rochester was a retired ER doctor and Vietnam helicopter pilot...
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    Bentall procedure complete!

    I want to start this off by saying I do not want to scare anyone. I just wanted to document my first few days post op. I am a 38 yo male with a bicuspid aortic valve and aneurysm on the aortic root At noon on Nov 18, 2021 I hit the OR table at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. 7 hours later I...
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    Post Surgery Timeline

    I have read quite a few posts in here already but just wanted to start my own with a few specific questions that hopefully a few of you can help with. I will be having my surgery on November 18, 2021 in Rochester, MN at Mayo Clinic. 1. The Surgeon said to plan on 5-7 days in the hospital...
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    The Date is Set!

    I found out in the middle of August that the time has come to have my BAV replaced as well as my Aorta. I was diagnosed with BAV when i was 5 or 6 years old and they thought I would likely need surgery in my late teens or early 20's. 33 years later and it is now time. The gradient has reached...