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  1. Nocturne

    Lp(a) is CAUSAL for AVS!

    If you are coming here with a normal tricuspid valve and CALCIFIC DEGENERATIVE aortic valve stenosis, don’t let anyone here dump on you for having “done it to yourself”, as happened to me. High Lp(a) is determined by genetics and some people have shockingly high levels of they have more than...
  2. Nocturne

    AVS and Lp(a)

    Lp(a) is a CAUSAL factor for calcific AVS. Mine is about 13 times normal due to having a pair of mutant alleles in my genome at rs10455872. Do you know your Lp(a)? If you have AVS, then you should, because high Lp(a) is also causal for coronary artery disease and treatments to lower it should...
  3. Nocturne

    High Lp(a) increases speed of AVS progression

    Just something for those unfortunate people who have AVS due to extremely high Lp(a) levels and end up coming here for support and advice...
  4. Nocturne

    TMVR outcomes similar to conventional surgery

    Not sure if you all have seen this yet - looks like good news:
  5. Nocturne

    More on Lp(a) ICD-10 codes! “”Convincing evidence has emerged from pathophysiological, epidemiological, and genetic studies that Lp(a) is causally related to both CVD, which includes myocardial infarction, stroke, peripheral arterial disease, and heart failure, and...
  6. Nocturne

    Splitting Leaflets Mitigates TAVR Coronary Obstruction Risk

    Thought you folks might find this to be of interest:
  7. Nocturne

    Had my yearly echo done...

    I have not seen all the numbers yet but I did learn that my VMax went from a 2.4 to an average of 2.3. If that keeps up, I'll never need surgery! :^) I'm calling it good news. Asked Tech to see if he thought my aortic valve was bicuspid or not and got a lot of confused waffling. My chart...
  8. Nocturne

    More Bad News for High Lp(a) "Despite intensive lipid therapy, aimed at aggressively lowering LDL-C to <70 mg/dL, carotid atherosclerosis continued to progress as assessed by carotid magnetic resonance imaging and that elevated Lp(a) levels were independent predictors of...
  9. Nocturne

    Home INR monitoring vs glucometer monitoring

    Because I've been gathering data on my average FBG with a home glucometer, I have gotten much more familiar with the finger sticking process involved. I was for the most part pleasantly surprised -- there are times when I genuinely do not feel the lancet poke me and still get a decent drop of...
  10. Nocturne

    Rising Blood Sugar... (Agian please read)

    Earlier today, I was sent home from the lab before starting an oral blood glucose tolerance test due to my very high fasting blood glucose: 115 and 118 on the recheck. I had not eaten in over 10 hours. I did some digging in my records about my FBG. Here is what I got: * FBG May 2015...
  11. Nocturne

    My sister got lucky...

    So my Lp(a) is North of 160 ng/dL, and I have two copies of a mutant allele that raises Lp(a) and the chances of developing AVS. My mother is dead, but clearly carried a copy of the allele which she passed on to me. My father has one copy of the bad allele (rs 104-something, “G” variant). His...
  12. Nocturne

    Had my surgery

    OK, not my AVR surgery, but it WAS a surgery I've been meaning to have for over two decades and finally got to doing because I figured it'd be best to get as many procedures as possible done BEFORE I need AVR rather than wait until AFTER. So on Friday I had my deviated septum straightened and...
  13. Nocturne

    Sapien saved $$$ in intermediate risk TAVR

    Just an article I read today: Looks like TAVR might eventually replace the usual chest cracking.
  14. Nocturne

    Support Letter for ICD-10 (Important!)

    PLEASE check out this page at the Lipoprotein (a) Foundation website: http://www.lipoproteinafoundation.or...LetterforICD10 The Lp(a) Foundation is advocating for changes to the ICD-10 codes for high Lp(a). Essentially, this would help to have high Lp(a) recognized, screened for, and treated...
  15. Nocturne

    Link between Lp(a) and Aortic Valve Disease “These data demonstrate that among those with high Lp(a), nearly one third of heart attacks and half of all cases of aortic stenosis can be attributed to high Lp(a) and may be preventable with Lp(a) lowering therapy. Lowering Lp(a) could...
  16. Nocturne

    Finally, some bad news!

    So I had my meeting with the teledoc yesterday. The guy was really nice, very informed, and able to admit when he didn't know something. This is super important to me -- I live with three docs, I already know they aren't gods, so I find the tendency some of them seem to have to try to maintain...
  17. Nocturne

    Another "Gift"

    Age 41: Hypogonadism "approaching castrate level" Age 42: Premature Calcific Degenerative Aortic Valve Stenosis and Premature Coronary Artery Disease Age 43: Lp(a) level of 390 nmol/L and accompanying/causal homozygous genotype mutation that raises Lp(a) and causes/accelerates AVS Age 44...
  18. Nocturne

    Another "Gift"

    Sorry duplicate post.
  19. Nocturne


    I was just sitting at work discussing a minor scheduling irritation when I suddenly felt very faint, like I was going to black out. I went from "very mild" AVS to "mild" AVS over a period of about a year and a half. I was last evaluated less than six months ago. There is no way this could be...
  20. Nocturne

    Low risk TAVR trial ad?

    Anyone else getting the ad for the low risk TAVR trial on their YouTube feed or elsewhere? Don't think I can link to it but I have seen it like three times over the last few days when I'm watching YouTube videos. Apparently they are looking for test subjects.