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  1. J

    Discrepancies in INR between Coaguchek XS and Lab

    This is only my opinion, and I have absolutely ZERO facts to back up my claim. But. My claim is I think there is something about some peoples blood that the Coagucheck doesn't like and makes the meter give high readings. I had the same type of results you did. The higher my venous INR, the...
  2. J

    17 YRS!

  3. J

    New to this group

    Hi, According to your post we are about the same age, and I had my surgery ten years ago yesterday. I had never taken drugs besides aspirin until I went on warfarin, and I wasn't happy about having to take drugs every day. Ten years later, it isn't even a blip on my radar of life. Something...
  4. J

    Ten years ago today...

    My aneurysm would have taken me out by now. I have probably never posted this, but I did have my ascending aorta replaced at the time of my valve replacement. It was bad enough that my first choice of a heart hospital said I needed to go to the second best heart hospital at the time in the US...
  5. J

    Ten years ago today...

    Thank you!
  6. J

    CoaugCheck vs Coaugusence

    Short of the shower I do nearly the exact same thing as pellicle, with good results.
  7. J

    Ten years ago today...

    I got my mechanical valve. My last general doctors visit he asked me if I can still here it ticking, and I told him "Every beat!" As with everyone else's experience, my life after ten years on warfarin is exactly like all the years before warfarin. There have been no changes, except to follow...
  8. J

    I just passed ten

    Congratulations pellicle. I knew our surgeries were somewhat close together. My ten year mark is today. You have done well learning and guiding people over the years, myself included at times. You have definitely gone through more than I have, and I have nothing but respect for you and your...
  9. J

    Drinking alcohol on warfarin

    I have done a test on this on the old site, and I found that there was no change for me. I started sober, then proceeded to have several beers (well over a 6 pack). I tested before I had anything to drink, then I managed to do a test when I was pretty full, and again in the morning when I woke...
  10. J

    At a CROSSROADS. (31 years of age)

    Yes, I was given the option of a tissue valve or an artificial valve, and I chose to go through surgery once instead of about every ten years. One thing that helped with my decision was one of the surgeons assistants was on warfarin and he told me pretty much what everyone here has already said...
  11. J

    At a CROSSROADS. (31 years of age)

    I have to agree with everything that has been said here. I have over nine years on my St. Judes aortic valve and the only change to my very active life is I have to take a very small pill every morning. That and now I can use the excuse that I am on warfarin to not eat green vegetables. If you...
  12. J

    anyone on warfarin (coumadine) who uses a fitbit or other activity tracker

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier pellicle. My wife and I are on our second set of Vivofits. We have been using them for a few years now, and we are now using Vivosmart HRs. I will gladly share my information with you.
  13. J

    Life after Mechanical Valve --- 31 years old

    As usual, I agree nearly one hundred percent with pellicle. The only thing I had to change in my life was after my St. Jude was installed, my cardiologist asked me to give up my position as a volunteer firefighter. I still ski, motorcycle, fish, kayak, hunt, hike and do pretty much anything...
  14. J

    52 years on ONE valve

    Thanks for posting Dick, you are an inspiration for us all!
  15. J

    Only 28 years for me...

    Coagulations! Err, wait, congratulations!
  16. J

    Compare home test with lab

    I agree that the difference is not that big. I have recently run into an issue with my closest lab. I had gotten two very high test results in a row, when I had nearly a year of very consistent results comparing my meter to the lab result. When I did the next test, I had done a test at home...
  17. J

    New Coag-Sense meter

    I agree with the slight learning curve of the Coag-Sense meter. At first I messed up a couple of test strips but I have only had one bad test in the last year, and for me, the accuracy is the same as Protimenow has said. I could never really trust mt Coagucheck, but I truly believe it is...
  18. J

    New Coag-Sense meter

    I did see that new meter, and I am considering it. I have to say, that when I find something that works well for me, I am a little resistant to change. My current CoagSense is very accurate for me so I am not in a hurry to buy the new one.
  19. J

    Coaguchek Strip Recall - alternative meters

    I test myself weekly, and go to the lab every 6 weeks, but my GP wants me to go every 4 weeks. I had good results with the Inratio 2, but not the Coagucheck. With the Coag Sense, I am always within .1 of the lab. I always have a blood draw done at the lab. To your point, my Coagucheck was...
  20. J

    Ten Years Ago Today Emergency OHS

    Thanks for updating this post. You sound better, but I know it is easy to slip back into it. Try not to let that happen. I sincerely hope your life keeps improving. Merry Christmas.