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    What have you been doing lately?

    Thanks Pellicle. Previous cardiologist took me off Metoprolol last November. My running felt better a couple days after that but too much going on lately to get back into running. Still have house in CA and making monthly trips back. Will finally go up for sale in a few weeks. Then we can buy...
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    What have you been doing lately?

    I haven't been here for a while. We moved from CA to FL. Still settling in. And unemployed/retired, part of the great resignation I guess. I have new doctors. My new primary care physician (actually the Physician's Assistant) is going to manage my warfarin and other BP meds. In CA it was my...
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    Staying the Course - - Winter Edition

    Haven't been here much, big changes here. Moved from CA to FL. Weight is down to around 160, was 185 two years ago. Got off the beta blocker. Recent yearly exam (used to be yearly physical but now it's mostly the blood test) and all is good. Funny, I am sure I'm healthier than the doctor. Total...
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    INR change with weight change

    Two years ago I dropped about 10 lbs from 184 to 175 and my INR lowered. My warfarin was adjusted and it was brought back into range. In the past year I've lost another 15 lbs, down to around 160 lbs. And my recent INR was lower again. Has anyone else had this reaction? I'm also under high...
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    I just passed ten

    Congratulations Pelllicle, you're an inspiration. Martin
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    Let's set some goals! A throwdown!

    Chuck, what ultras did you run? SB, hang in there. Sounds like you're making a difference!
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    Let's set some goals! A throwdown!

    Never ran the Dam Tough Run. Did San Juan Trail 50 Miler (came in 12th one year), Pacific Crest Trail 50 Miler, American River 50 Miler, Mule Run 50 KM, High Desert 50 KM in Ridgecrest, San Juan Trail 50 KM, Wild Wild West Marathon and many others, 40 total. Many I ran 6 times. Best 50 Miler was...
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    Let's set some goals! A throwdown!

    Chuck, I mostly ran 50 KM and 50 milers in the mountains here in California. That was 1985-2000. I finished the Western States 100 once. I still run but not as fast or as far. Just off metoprolol so I hope to do better, maybe try a 10K. I planned on running ultras in retirement before the OHS...
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    Let's set some goals! A throwdown!

    Superman, hope you get out of that routine soon and that it actually works. I'm down to 163 (from 184 two years ago). I just stopped eating as much and stress is lower due to covid and then layoff. Typical day is a late morning breakfast and then dinner. IF I'm doing physical work I have a small...
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    Tissue Valve Turns 14

    That's great news that the tissue valve has lasted that long.
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    How did you discover your valve issue?

    Just before my 50th birthday the doctor diagnosed my heart murmur during my yearly physical. I think it was shortly before my 55th birthday I was on an 8 mile run and about 4 miles out I had shortness of breath. Had to walk back. Told my wife I wasn't running well. She said I wasn't running...
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    Its all new,

    I just want to clarify. My cardiologist doesn't manage my anticoag. I was just going to talk to him about my concerns. He probably knows the anticoag Dr since they're in the same small medical group. I've never met or talked to the Dr. in charge of my anticoag in the 9 years I've been on it...
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    Its all new,

    I would rather have an even dose and will talk to my cardiologist when I see him in a couple weeks.
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    Its all new,

    Upped the dose by 1.5 mg per week. I take 3 mg on 2 days and 4.5 mg on the other 5 days. It was 3 and 4 before that. So dose went from 27 to 28.5 mg per week. I think I stopped warfarin 3 days before procedure and then went back on after it. Would have to look up my notes to be sure. Most of my...
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    Staying the Course -- Autumn At Last!

    The Run Through The Vineyard took place today in Temecula. The course is hilly and thanks to the Friday rain it was also a little muddy. Luckily the soil is sandy so most of the problem was sinking into it slightly and not slipping around. I ran the whole 5K this year, no walking, and surprised...
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    Its all new,

    My body was reacting to something on the new valve and started putting blood on the leaflets causing them to thicken. It took about 6 weeks for the leaflets to stop moving from when I stopped warfarin post-OHS. It's a slow process. I would know valve function changes on one of my almost daily...
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    Its all new,

    I have an HMO and get my warfarin at Walmart pharmacy. 45 3-mg pills costs me $3.51. That's 30 days for me. I don't self test and if I'm in range I get tested every 5 weeks, no co-pay for that. Will be going on Medicare next year and hope that doesn't change. I have a tissue valve and on...
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    Staying the Course -- "On the Road Again"

    I haven't checked in for a while, just busy. Passed my 9th anniversary in August. Still walking or running 5-6 days a week. Lost a couple pounds recently. I'm not eating enough I guess. The weather has finally cooled down some. We had a late summer and a late fall. Seems to be the norm now...
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    Staying the Course: It's July, the Heat Is On!

    SB, just read the thread and so sorry to hear that you lost Ellie. That's tough to go thru. Chin up. Martin
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    Let's set some goals! A throwdown!

    Superman, I typically "forget" my metoprolol the day before a 5K race and then take that morning dose after the race. I would love to get off it as I also feel like I can't get enough blood to my muscles. It takes close to a mile to warm up. Unfortunately my BP is high and I don't think my...