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    Four and a half weeks after SAVR

    Hello and welcome. Hoping for your speedy recovery, and best wishes.
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    Howdy - AVR coming up!

    Cool, vodka? Lol, beer is good.
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    Howdy - AVR coming up!

    Always better to be safe than sorry?
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    My mvr story so far.

    Welcome, Pete. Good folks will be along soon and you'll get a lot of responses and welcomes. What area of the U.K. you are in?
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    2nd Surgery coming Up

    That's fantastic. Obviously, things got okay pretty quickly. Best wishes.
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    17 years with my Edwards bovine

    Does that mean you are in your 17th year as well? Congratulations to you too and here's to many more years.
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    17 years with my Edwards bovine

    That's great news, congratulations. Here's to many more years.
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    MV regurgitation with prolapse

    Welcome to the forum. Knowledgeable guys will surely be along soon to answer your questions.
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    2nd Surgery coming Up

    Wow, that was tough. It's great that you prevailed over those challenges. How long was your recovery? If you don't mind me asking.
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    2nd Surgery coming Up

    Great to hear about your surgery being finally done and seems to be just taking it easy indeed. How did it go for you?
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    Headed for Cleveland Clinic

    Hope all preparations doing great. Best wishes.
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    Headed for Cleveland Clinic

    Hello Stewart, may you have a successful surgery. Good luck and best wishes.
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    9 years St Judes valve

    Congratulations Doug! Here's to many more years.
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    After your surgery, what are some of the things that you found out that surprised you

    Agree. Only very few in the world not fully adopted the metric system. The US and two others?
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    Hi! New here. Wanted to introduce myself.

    Welcome to the forum. I hope that you find good answers here and that everything is okay. Best wishes.
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    What have you been doing lately?

    I thought it would be fun to share what we've been doing lately. Things like taking a long drive in the country, or playing piano, or going to a play. What have you been up to lately? I admit, I'm the type to take drives in the country. What have you been doing?
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    Unique situation?

    It's great that you know what procedure is best for you, and to have a great surgeon to perform it. Best wishes to you.
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    Unique situation?

    Hello and welcome. Hope you'll find answers here that may help guide you with whatever decisions you make in the future. Best wishes.
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    Weightlifting w/Bentnall procedure

    Welcome, Aqua, congratulations on your first year and for passing your first yearly checkup. Have you decided on how much weight you should be lifting?
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    2nd Surgery coming Up

    Prayers and best wishes are coming your way. Hope you'll feel great.