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    Cipro antibiotic while on Warfarin

    I have a bacterial infection and my doctor is weighing the options of putting me on Cipro, which I used to take with no problem. Has anyone else here been on Cipro while on Warfarin, and how much did you have to adjust the dosing? I know Cipro raises the INR, and is different in everyone, but am...
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    Had AVR performed 2/25/21

    Was released from the hospital yesterday. Only spent 5 days recovering before doc said I could go home. It's been interesting to say the least. I'm still feeling pretty achy as they performed a mini sternotomy. Installed 21mm On-X AV and the surgeon said it could not have gone better. It did...
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    Tomorrow is my day for AVR

    Down to the last day before surgery. Surgeon is planning a Mini-Sternotomy for my surgery and is installing an On-X valve. All the pre-tests and bloodwork came back good, and tested negative for Covid. Current INR is 1.02 at a natural point, so we'll see what he wants to do afterwards. I...
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    New to site and pre-surgery for BAV

    Greetings all. Came across this wonderful site after visiting my surgeon, who will be replacing my BAV with severe aortic stenosis. Had a great childhood, no issues.. adult life, still no issues except over the years, it has been getting more and more difficult to stay active. Run out of breath...