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    New Here - Are Beta Blockers necessary?

    I was on metaprolol briefly after AVR. It caused my hands to crack, bleed and peel, almost like a hard clear shell was covering them. My blood pressure was 70/50, although weirdly, I didn’t feel anything. Due to my reaction, my surgeon took me off it after about 4 weeks. I’ve had no issues. I...
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    Companies for testing supplies and INR reporting

    I use this company. Same experience, except I pay $101 every 4 tests (so the entire negotiated rate), until I hit my crazy deductible of $5k. I also received a letter about prices going up and they could tell me nothing. Said I won’t know new price until January. Incidentally, they charge it as...
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    Cracked tooth

    Asking for my sister, who also had AVR and takes warfarin but isn’t on this board. She had a root canal recently, but then just cracked the tooth this morning. Of course it’s a weekend! Wondering whether she should take amoxicillin just in case. She seeing doctor on Monday (prescheduled appt)...
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    Alt levels?

    Well interestingly, they did a retest and the ALt level went from 49 to 16. Normal. Weird! I am however very anemic. Ferritin level of 6.
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    Alt levels?

    I just received the results from my annual blood test, and it looks like I may be anemic with high ALT levels (related to liver). The ALT levels have increased over the last 4 years when I look back at records (my surgery was 6 years ago) but highest change this past year. I don’t drink and...
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    Bentall’s pricedure

    I do. St Jude 21 mm. I only hear it when I’m trying to sneak up on my kids lol! It’s actually peaceful.
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    Ross Procedure at Mass General

    I’m only reading this in my phone so confess I did not read through the entire thread. However, I think you mentioned you are in CT. So am I - my surgery was done at Yale, Dr. Elefteriades. He is amazing. I have a St Jude valve conduit, had a sinus of valsalva aneurysm. I was 41. Mass General is...
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    Cath 3 days before valve replacement- question

    I had my cath on a Monday and surgery on Thursday. The only challenge I had was they tried the IV so many times, in so many places that I was pretty black and blue in my arm by the time of my surgery. I think my left leg hurt a bit after the cath but not much.
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    Imminent AVR - 40 y.o. female - advice please

    In the us, most insurance companies make you wait to home test. I think it was 3 months post surgery I did not use a shower chair, but holding my hair dryer was a bit difficult for a few days. It’s surprisingly heavy lol! I did not need anyone with me overnight at the hospital. The hospital had...
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    BAV / 4.4cm ascending aorta dilatation weightlifting

    I suggest you read some articles by Dr. Elefteriades at Yale. This is not medical advice. He researched weightlifting with aneurysms. From what I have read, bicuspid valve already puts you at a greater risk of dissecting at lower levels, potentially under 5 cm, and weightlifting would have a...
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    Imminent AVR - 40 y.o. female - advice please

    Everyone has given you great advice so far. I don’t recall worrying about my period so I guess I must not have had it at the time of surgery. Random tip - get a very light, not tight jogging bra that opens in front. Like a $5 one from Walmart. You will want to wear one so you will have a better...
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    Anyone else on warfarin had a head injury?

    I hit my head about a week and a half or so ago. No loss of consciousness, hurt for a minute but then okay. It was the top of my head, as I opened my garage door while carrying my dog I misjudged the distance and thought I had cleared it, but hadn’t and stood up while right under it. Now I have...
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    Honest Answers

    We all feel that way upon hearing the news. I encourage you to read the many posts on this site and you will read about everyone who continues to have a full life. I was 41, just shy of 42, with a 6 and 8 yr old. I had a thoracic aortic aneurysm (sinus of valsalve aneurysm). I now have a st...
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    Apple products

    Thanks. Looks like just pacemakers and defib then.
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    Apple products

    I’ve been reading in the news about Apple warning people to keep iphones and iPads several inches away from pacemakers and defibs. Since we have no battery or power source with mechanical valves I don’t believe this restriction applies to us (sure hope not). Agree?
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    Aortic Valve Choices

    I didn’t know at the time to ask my surgeon too much about brand. I was 41 so just asked whether he recommended mechanical, which he did. I mentioned brand and he said it would be st Jude as this is what he had used for 40 years and is proven. Enough for me! That was in 2015.
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    How much Warfarin Amount do you take?

    I can check in the morning but they are generic. I’ve always had 2.5 and I have been on warfarin or Jantoven.
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    How much Warfarin Amount do you take?

    Thanks! I have 2.5 mg pills so I don’t cut them.
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    How much Warfarin Amount do you take?

    This is an interesting thread. I usually take 7.5 mg per day plus aspirin but lately now do 7.5 mg all days, except twice a week 5 mg. Plus aspirin. I am only 4 ft 10 and 100 lbs.
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    A slight crisis of confidence

    Yes, most of us go on with totally normal lives. My children were 6 and 8 when I had surgery. I have a mechanical aortic valve conduit (graft). I do everything now - run, cross country ski, work an insane amount of hours, etc. I see my cardio once a year and my surgeon once every three years...