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  1. heartlikeawheel

    1yr AVR + MV Repair

    Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my surgery. I got a Medtronics Avalus valve and some unexpected work done to repair the Mitral valve (damage they couldn’t see in prior work ups). I will be 59 in July. Overall things are good. I exercise regularly. One issue I still have is a kind of...
  2. heartlikeawheel

    7 weeks post surgery - couple issues

    Hello, my last posts were in the Introductions section - I think back in April or May - so it's been awhile. I had the aortic valve replaced and the mitral valve repaired. The valve put in is the Medrontic Avalus at 27mm. The surgery went well and I was let out of the hospital after about a...
  3. heartlikeawheel

    New but Lurking for Months!

    Hi, I've been reading threads here for awhile and figure that it's time to participate! I'm a guy and I'll be 58 in July and have appointments this coming week with a surgeon and cardiologist as well as a CT and Ultrasound of the neck (UVa in my hometown). I'm told I will need surgery soon for...