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    Nanotechnology and blood clots

    Som advances from the filed of nanotechnology 1.) By loading magnetic nanoparticles with drugs and dressing them in biochemical camouflage, researchers say they can destroy blood clots 100 to 1,000 times faster than a commonly used clot-busting technique...
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    Wheat bran to make nano-anticoagulants

    Who know, perhaps one day this could turn to something good Using waste wheat bran, researchers have synthesized silver nanoparticles that can scavenge free radicals and prevent blood clots from forming1. These nanoparticles are anticipated to be useful for combating various diseases such as...
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    Living heart valves grown in laboratories

    Dear friends, it has been quite "a while" since I last logged in. I hope everyone is doing fine. I justread this article yesterday and I thought I'd share it with you: Cells could be taken from babies born with severe heart defects and used to grow living replacement valves in a laboratory, if...
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    First percutaneous repair of tricuspid valve

    It seems, that precutaneous replacements and repairs are really kicking off. Here is a report on first percutaneous repair of tricuspid valve: Mitralign has reported on the successful use of its technology to perform a percutaneous repair on a patient with tricuspid regurgitation. The German...
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    Surface coating for medical devices prevents blood clotting and bacterial infections

    Our bodies have evolved to be pretty good at dealing with incursions by foreign objects and bacteria. Usually, that's a positive thing, but it can spell trouble for medical devices, such as replacement joints, cardiac implants and dialysis machines, which increase the risk of blood clots and...
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    How did you deal with anxiety and depression?

    I'm still coming to terms with my situation (for those of you, who do not know me - I had sever attack of rheumatic fever last year and went misdiagnosed for many months, so I was "guranteed" to have valve issues in years to come). I became completely obsessed with the whole situation, severely...
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    Journal of an untreated rheumatic fever survivor

    My name is Josephine (well the Slovenian version of it) I will be 35 years old on September 29th (I just recently found out, that this is also the International Heart day!). Last year I had rheumatic fever, that went undiagnosed or rather misdiagnosed for many many months. When I joined this...
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    Advancements in Atrial Fibrilation Treatment

    I was looking in advancemens in atrial fibrilation treatment, and found the follwing reports: 1.) New Technology Doubles Treatment Success Rate (2012): new type of technology that precisely targets the causes of irregular heart rhythms in patients with atrial fibrillation has the potential to...
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    Novartis COPD drug Ultibro beats Seretide on flare-ups

    Since I know that some members of the forum suffer from pulmonary hypertension as well, I thought I share this news with you: Novartis has presented data showing that its chronic obstructive pulmonary disease drug Ultibro was superior in reducing flare-ups compared to GlaxoSmithKline’s...
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    Study in mice - Non-invasive treatment of aortic valve stenosis

    A study conducted by the team of Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, Director of the Research Centre at the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI), has led to the discovery of a new approach to treat aortic valve stenosis through the administration of a compound that prevents valve deterioration and can even...
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    Trial in UK - gene injection treatment for heart failure

    A pioneering new treatment that allows damaged hearts to recover without the need for major surgery is being trialled by one of Britain’s leading medical institutions. The technique, which involves a simple injection, could aid the recovery of hundreds of thousands of heart failure patients...
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    How does one subscribe to user

    Hi, I can't figure out, how does on subscribe to a user - so that I would get notification about his/her activitity? Many thanks for helping me out :-)
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    Valves growing with children

    Another interesting article: "Now for the first time-doctors are using stem cells to save their smallest patients, and possibly even keep them off medication and out of the operating room. Analiah Duarte was born with one of the most lethal and rare heart defects. It's called Ebstein's...
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    FDA Approved in 2014 - CardioCel® : tissue regeneration of heart valves

    I stumbled upon this news: "February 09, 2014 09:05 PM Eastern Standard Time BRISBANE, Australia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Admedus (ASX:AHZ) today announced it has received FDA clearance to market CardioCel® in the US. CardioCel® is the group’s lead regenerative tissue product to repair and treat a...
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    New to the Forum - My Story - Rheumatic fever one year ago

    Hi, I'm 34 years old female, and up to last year I had no health issues what so ever. Last year I got terribly sick, for buiness I travel a lot (to underdeveloped countries), and before I got home and got diagnosed (they were excluding all sort of things like malaria, hepatitis etc) it took...