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  1. J

    FDA approves a new Biopolymer Heart Valve trial by Foldax

    I came across this article the other day and the more I research the new technology behind the Biopolymer heart valve, the more intrigued I get! It's definitely worth following.... Biopolymer Heart Valve by Foldax-
  2. J

    1 year for the Mitral Magna Valve!!

    Can't believe a year has gone by already, but what a ride! A year ago today I was in ICU recovering with my brand new Magna valve. I still come on here regularly due to the fact this website has been a blessing in disguise. Thanks to all for your contributions and effort helping folks like...
  3. J

    Echo shows low EF after mitral valve replacement-need more advice please!

    Well, I am officially 5 weeks post op and have had several concerns that hopefully can be addressed via this forum. 1) Whenever I lay on my left side or back at night, my heart rate drops significantly (from 70’s to high 40’s) and it feels like I can’t breath until I sit up or lay on my right...
  4. J

    Increased heart rate-dizziness- A-FIB?

    Hi all, I am a little over 2 weeks post op from my mitral valve replacement and 2 days ago, I worked out on my exercise bike with no resistance for only 10 minutes. After that, I felt a little dizzy so I sat around for a couple hours trying to relax. I took another dose of Metoprolol around...
  5. J

    Re-op rates? Life expectancy and the future?

    I always hear from medical professionals on how you should want to repair your valve instead of replace it, but what about those who didn’t or don’t have a choice??. That said, now that I have faced the reality that the surgeon couldn’t repair my mitral valve, I hope some folks can give me their...
  6. J

    Jhusker2 made it to the other side!

    Well, it's been 9 days since my surgery and have to say each day is getting better. I would've wrote sooner, but I have been unable to stare at the computer very long due to feeling a little foggy and disoriented. I went in for surgery on January 10th at 7:00 am and was in ICU by 1:00 pm. Was...
  7. J

    New member having surgery January 10th- need some good advice

    Hi all, First and foremost, let me start by saying that the best thing prior to my surgery is finding this site / forum. I just had my 40th birthday in September and after a routine physical at the end of October (2010), I was diagnosed with a significant murmur- which led to further tests and...