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    Nanotechnology and blood clots

    Som advances from the filed of nanotechnology 1.) By loading magnetic nanoparticles with drugs and dressing them in biochemical camouflage, researchers say they can destroy blood clots 100 to 1,000 times faster than a commonly used clot-busting technique...
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    Wheat bran to make nano-anticoagulants

    Who know, perhaps one day this could turn to something good Using waste wheat bran, researchers have synthesized silver nanoparticles that can scavenge free radicals and prevent blood clots from forming1. These nanoparticles are anticipated to be useful for combating various diseases such as...
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    FDA Approved in 2014 - CardioCel® : tissue regeneration of heart valves

    It's time to upadte this thread on uses of CardioCel in aortic valve repair: Admedus Limited (ASX:AHZ) has started a clinical study into aortic tri-leaflet heart valve reconstructions using its cardiovascular bio-scaffold CardioCel following a successful pre-clinical study. The study will...
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    Living heart valves grown in laboratories

    Dear friends, it has been quite "a while" since I last logged in. I hope everyone is doing fine. I justread this article yesterday and I thought I'd share it with you: Cells could be taken from babies born with severe heart defects and used to grow living replacement valves in a laboratory, if...
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    Keep njean in your prayers

    What a great act from her husband, I'm sure it was the way Norma would choose it.
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    Keep njean in your prayers

    I don't come to the site often and this news comes as a shock to me. I knew she was not doing well, but somehow asumed they will be able to help her. Rest in peace, sweet Norma. Condolances to her family.
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    10 Years - AVR MVR St Jude Mechanical Valves

    Hi Cork, I tried to answer to your PM, but it would not allow me to send the answer (an error message occured). If you want, you can also write me to: [email protected] And I'm really glad, that you are going strong! :-)
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    Percutaneous Aortic Valve Replacement under Local Anaesthetic

    Another exciting news, thanks for sharing! Many new things are being tried out, sure looks promissing for everyone in the waiting room.
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    New mechanical valve in evolution

    Now that is a great news! You just made my day :Wink:
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    First percutaneous repair of tricuspid valve

    It seems, that precutaneous replacements and repairs are really kicking off. Here is a report on first percutaneous repair of tricuspid valve: Mitralign has reported on the successful use of its technology to perform a percutaneous repair on a patient with tricuspid regurgitation. The German...
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    Surface coating for medical devices prevents blood clotting and bacterial infections

    Chaconne - I also thought of that, but did not research it further. Perhaps I'll take some time for research, but I'm on business trip so my days are full. Hopefully next week I will have some more time.
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    Surface coating for medical devices prevents blood clotting and bacterial infections

    Our bodies have evolved to be pretty good at dealing with incursions by foreign objects and bacteria. Usually, that's a positive thing, but it can spell trouble for medical devices, such as replacement joints, cardiac implants and dialysis machines, which increase the risk of blood clots and...
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    Really? That is strange! I'm now accessing the site with computer and can not see the smiles that I posted using my phone (yes, black and white, small size) - instead I see small squares, same with BlindFaith message.
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    Freddi - I can also use smilies when accessing the site via computer, but when I access it via smart phone (windows device) I can't. On phone I can use smilies button of the phone to post them, but unless you are using the phone, you can not see them in my post.
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    Thanks Duffey, for letting us know. Than lets wait for Hank to solve the problem with size of the smilies, that are available next to attachment icon. BlindFaith: I have a Windows phone device, but have the same problem as you: I can see the smilies but can not select them. Hmmmm.....
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    Ah, I see, lets see how it works on my phone 😉 😁 😋. Now we just need the solution that will work on computers. And I hope that our smilies are visible also to the ones accessing by computer?
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    That's great! How did you do it?
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    Hank, thank you for all the work you do on the site! I think we must be all grateful, you are investing a lot of time for us to be able to benefit from the site! Just one question: could you make the smiles smaller? So that they are more or less the same size/height as text line? :Face-Uncertain:
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    Contact Sports

    I do not have any similar experience - to start with I did not have the surgery (yet) and I do not play contact sports. I do hope that someone more knowledgeable comes forward but what I was thinking is: could you take on a role that would allow you to stay involved but not play? Like being a...
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    Tumeric as an anticoagulant

    I believe that garlic has also anticoagulant properies - just don't know in what quantities. When started googling, I found the sampe reports (so anticoagulant properties( being listed for several other herbs. Here are some links that you might find interesting...