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    Foldax Continues

    Re US Clinicals for Foldax: First implant patient 9/17/19 at Beaumont in Michigan. This link lists the participating hospitals. Early Feasibility Study for the Foldax Tria Aortic Heart Valve - Full Text View -
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    Good afternoon

    sorry to hear you're back in a situation that probably contributed to the damage. any consideration of moving to somewhere more civilized? (another USA citizen, but "retired")
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    7 year old bioprosthetic aortic valve - clot

    While I am pro-Science & not an anti-vaxxer, the vaccines are correlated with problems for some. This is a recent paper on very rare occular problems. Note that having Covid can also cause similar problems. The odds for a different etiology (such as many brought up by other replies) would be...
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    It makes a clicking sound

    Great Buddhist Joke (am sharing with my sangha). It actually has at least a second layer joke, which is the make me "One-with-Everything" level. Tends to take at least one lifetime for that to evolve, lol
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    Foldax Continues

    Thanks for this update & Link (with other great articles, as well). My sister had an opportunity to be in their KS trials earlier & declined. Hope things continue to go well for the clinical participants. We owe a lot to trial participants
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    Covid 19 vaccine recommendations

    No research specifically addressing vaccine concerns for post-cardiac surgery have come thru the C19 research page that I follow (yet). This may/not be relevant to consider, as part of Risks vs Benefit, although we are on an extended learning curve. Iceland suspends use of Moderna's Covid...
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    Covid 19 vaccine recommendations

    I am also on a private FB page where we Post/Discuss the ever-evolving Covid19 research (there is an amazing amount). There have been maybe 6 papers on the issue of sequentially mix/matched types of vaccines. In some countries, this was forced by circumstances of inadequate supply/options. Here...
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    Gag reflex warfarin

    sometimes taking a pill mixed into a spoonful of applesauce, pudding or similar helps
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    Covid Vaccines

    A business eZine recently promoted suing for damages, if an unvaxed person transmitted C19 your way. Probably tricky to prove in court, but maybe the potential of such litigation will encourage some to vax.
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    Decongestant with bovine aortic valve

    Thanks for the cite. Here's another study concluding these antibacterials damage collagen - Fluoroquinolones and collagen associated severe adverse events: a longitudinal cohort study | BMJ Open
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    Covid Vaccines

    Thanks for posting this interesting Dr. Grande video!
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    Up and down INR!?

    @ATHENS1964 @Dana Thanks for above cite. Here is another one I've collected re osteo but now have known AV calcification, so will wait til my latest DEXA results (now that I'm on a pricey multi with K2M7). If still problems, will try the Natto again (it's an acquired taste IMHO), as it seems...
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    Superglue and wounds (on warfarin)

    Re Fridge Storage - do you use this to extend life of Open or Unopen Super Glue (or both)??? TIA
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    Exercise Test

    Does Not sound like a Fun experience, but perhaps it helped clarify your valve decision?
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    Foldax Continues

    As of early April, a surgeon involved with Foldax surgical AVR trials (so can access their private database), related there were 18 implanted. As of late April, this surgeon did their first Foldax implantation & related that it a certain seemed to require a minimum diameter hole to suture in...
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    My Fathers Passing

    Sorry you've lost your Dad. Thanks for sharing his legacy & encouraging an open mind.
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    Understood - you have Risk factors, I do not. The "real" protocol now includes the position that stool samples are adequate unless there are known Risk factors or the stool shows a risk factor. Cologuard includes a DNA screening that is more effective than the older cheap stool lab.
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    And after Cologuard results, re-evaluate whether a colonoscopy is justified or not.