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  1. NealR

    Have you had MV & AV replaced at the same time?

    Just checking if you made it ok. Wishing you the best
  2. NealR

    Have you had MV & AV replaced at the same time?

    I had it done twice! first pair (MV and AV) in 2010, then again in 2019. First pair all EW's Bovines, 2nd pair, one EW (bovine then a Porcine in the MV position. The first surgery went without hitch. Was 50. Out in 4 days, back to work in 5 weeks. They performed well but became heavily...
  3. NealR

    Most likely going with a mechanical .

    Buckeye.. I reside in Cincinnati and just had a redo on my aortic and mittral valve performed at UC Health. I am not familiar with the Tria Valve.. Will research
  4. NealR

    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    I had the om's after my first ohs.. Eventually, I figured out what they were and simply ignored them knowing they go away in about 20 minutes. I had a 2nd ohs, (about 10 years later-"same two valves replaced), but experiences no om' least to this point, 7 mos post surgery.. Who really knows
  5. NealR


    Sorry to hear. Similar with me. Anytime and everytime you get sick.. Be on the look out for endo. I am told, even with prophalytisizing, there is 100 %, guarantee you won't get it.
  6. NealR


    I had a terrible bout with Endocarditis and all my doctors and ER doctors and cardiologist missed it, for at least 3 months. I was prescribed one antibiotic another, from zpacks to levaquin, until finally the gp ordered the BC. Had to have an 8 week vanco IV, but somehow made it. My heart valves...
  7. NealR

    statins and bioprosthetic valves

    My other family members have it, and didn't take the statins on a regular basis.
  8. NealR

    statins and bioprosthetic valves

    Well. I took satins (simvastin-10mg), for 10 years and then needed a redo. The statins may or may not have extended the life of the valves, but they for certain worked at preventing coranary artery desease
  9. NealR

    How Many Tissue Valves Don't Last As Long...

    Had my 2nd OHS in late April. Replaced both Aortic and Mitral. Got about 91/2 years, the mitral was shot with one leaf frozen. Essentially it wasn't working. Got Endocarditis 6 months earlier, which was cured, but did some damage to the valve, just never found out how much. In reflecting, I...
  10. NealR

    How long till your back to normal?

    I was 7 weeks back to work, if you call that normal. My 2nd OHS/valve replacement. The first few weeks were not good. In the hospital for 20 days and a near death surgery due to a severe and life threatening reaction to a blood transfusion. When I went home I had pressure wounds on my butt and...
  11. NealR

    A tale of Endocarditas and valve replacement.

    James glad you're OK.. I had a bout of endocarditis in October, which I think was from a dental cleaning in June. The bacterial can enter the blood stream and vegitate for a while. When I visited my GP, he had no clue although I could barely walk. Gave me some antibiotics, but 2 says later I...
  12. NealR

    Tissue Valvers. How Old is Yours?

    I had mine for 9 1/2 years, implanted at 50. Both aortic and mitral. Replaced both in late April and am 7 weeks out of surgery. Went with same on the aortic, but switched to a porcine on the mitral.
  13. NealR

    Carbomedics valve, anyone?

    Sorry to hear. Have you checked with your surgeon on the clicking?
  14. NealR

    Tissue Regrets??

    Just had my 2nd ohs in 10 years. Was a rough one and @ 3 weeks post, still a bit to go. I can do 6000 steps a day, but still raw and wobbly. At 59, I will eventually need a third. Hoping to go the transcatheter route (both aortic and mittral). Let's hope tech in 10 years has this miracle...
  15. NealR

    Valve No 2 .... Make That No 3

    Larry, sorry for the ordeal. Wish it was perfected but see we still have some ways to go. I too am out of valve sugery (ohs}, and the echmo was used on me. Happy to report 3 weeks out of surgery I'm over 6000 steps a day and recovering well.
  16. NealR

    Tisse Valves nearing 10 years old and Have o be replaced

    Thanks all for the great advise. Still waiting the outcome of the echo, will see what happens. I hope to get another two years out of the valves I have now with some tweaking and cardio meds. Thanks again to all wish the best for all of you.
  17. NealR

    Friday is the big Day!

    Wishing you the best Tigerlilly. I didn't have a cold for mine, but trust you will be ok.
  18. NealR

    Would Like Feedback on Both Pig & Cow Valves By Medtronic and Edwards.

    Hi Becky, To cut to the chase: whichever valve the Surgeon feels most comfortable working with. I have two Edwards cow valves which at almost 10 years need to be replaced. My experience was a event-less recovery, and performed very well during my years. I will probably go with them again and...
  19. NealR

    Tisse Valves nearing 10 years old and Have o be replaced

    Well, its been a while since Ive been on this. I am in my 10th year and have contacted endocarditis and have moderately to severely stenosis in both Aortic and Mitral valves. The endocarditis is Granulaticatella, which I understand is very rare. Not sure how I contacted this, but am being...
  20. NealR

    5 years this coming October

    Hard to believe October 19 will mark 5 . Seems like a fleeting memory clouded in an unimaginable circumstance. Had both AV and MR replaced with edwards pericardials. No issues, feel good, plenty of energy and will be pitching baseball this fall. Watch EW stock every day, sort of comforting. I...