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    Bovine, Porcine or Equine?

    Hi, You have a lot of good questions. How old are you? there is quite a difference between the Bovine, and Porcine and Equine, I dont know much about the horse it is pretty new a few people here have them. First for the most part, the pig valves are actual pig valves, treated to make them less...
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    ON-X Valve?

    There's some discussion of this here: and here: beside those threads, there was a thred the other day discussing it...
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    A setback: redo

    Yes the Exercise wouldnt cause the infection, however it is very possible to cause problems in the sternum healing or where other sutures are by doing too much (raising the pressure in the heart and healing arteries) or lifting more than the recommendations especially during the first 6 weeks...
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    Which Mechanical Valve produces the lowest number of bloodclots?

    I personally believe the most used mech valves today, are pretty close, as far as the chances of clots, so need anticoagulation that increases your chance of bleeds, or if one was clearly better everyone would use that. so far they don't. Luckily most people are very happy with THEIR valve and...
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    Need another aortic valve replacement after just four yrs

    Sorry to hear this. That is the horse valve right? Since it was only approved in the US a few years ago, there isnt much long term data as far as i know, there have only been a couple members here who have it and from what i rember one of them needed his replaced less than a year later, but his...
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    What activities / toys are good for the recovery period ?

    Sounds like Justin. When his pickline got stuck when they tried to pull it and he needed to go have it pulled in the hospital (and hour away in a blizzard) hi first question was hey does this count as bad enough for new legos? I don't know how old you are or what interests you have, but beside...
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    A setback: redo

    Its a shame if it played a role in it, but I was wondering that too, I know not lifting more than you are supposed to at times, can be hard when you feel so good. That its easy to forget not only the sternum but work on the heart and arteries need a certain amount of time to heal.. before it...
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    A setback: redo

    Sorry to hear about this. Do they have any idea why it happened, popped stitches or the tissue it was sewn into?
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    Brain mri

    One of the other concerns with MRIs and metals, is the chance of them heating. MOST parts involved recent with OHS are not a usually a problems, Justin has 1 sternal wire (only one they left when he had the sternum infection) and a couple small clips for bleeders, the one thing he does have that...
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    Pressure gradient across valve? mitral valve, echo

    I can't really help much, but I thought for a native mitral valve gradient somewhere around less than 5, I dont know if this is one of the sites you found but it has the "normal" gradients for the different brands of valves, it would help to know what size your valve, but should give you a...
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    a different perspective on TAVI

    Thanks. One of the things I thought was very interesting in the study you posted about percutaneous valves in older tissue valves was this "Methods and Results— Valve-in-valve implantations were performed in 24 high-risk patients. Failed valves were aortic (n=10), mitral (n=7), pulmonary...
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    a different perspective on TAVI

    Sorry my back was bad yesterday and couldnt sit long. and First I want to say again, I would NOT count of a TAVI for a first valve or 1st REDO there still is not much known about longevity or durability especially in younger healthy people. Even though there have been over 60,000 TAVI...
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    TAVR Recovery Period

    I was thinking of you and your Aunt, I'm glad to hear she is doing well.
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    TAVR Recovery Period

    I do not believe anyone here had their Aortic valve replaced by cath, a couple members had family members get the pulm or TAVI tho. TAVI area tissue valve not mechanical tho. Unless there are complications, the recovery is close to other stents placed, or caths.
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    Replacement Valve Failure?

    "About failure of tissue valve: it is gradual when caused by calcification, but a calcified valve can tear along the cusp, and could become more catastrophic." I actually was going to mention that, altho from what I know USUALLY pericardial valves calcify "only" and porcine valves tend to be...
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    Selecting a Surgeon and Hospital Recommendations?

    IF you most likely need surgery in the near future, I would probably contact the Surgeons. What I do is contact the heart surgery dept, tell them I want a 2nd opinion w/ a certain surgeon, and find out what exactly they need. Most likely they will want CDs DVDs of the latests test, echo, MRI...
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    a different perspective on TAVI

    FIRST I agree, the more improvements on the percutaneous valves and their deployment systems the better (smaller, repositionable ), also the trials on younger and healthier people need to be done, to learn more about how they will do longer term or what problems show up down the road. Since...
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    2014 AHA/ACC Guideline for the Management of Patients With Valvular Heart Disease

    I don't know if it helps you but we knew going into both Justin's 4th and 5th OHS that his heart was fused to his sternum, actually it was one of the main things I discussed w/ various surgeons when we were deciding who to "let" operate on Justin., Granted we talked to the top CHD surgeons, but...
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    Replacement Valve Failure?

    Tissue valve longevity, has A LOT to do with your age when you get it, it generally will not last as long in someone in some in their 30s as it will in their 60s. Most tissue valves in use to today would mos likely last 15 -20+ years in someone who is 60 when they get it.. Altho even for someone...
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    OHS with Obamacare and Medicare?

    I agree w/ what Dick is saying about older people needing heart surgery or any kind of medical problems or surgery w/ Obamacare. and people just making up things to scare people. THAT is one thing I would NOT worry about when making a valve choice.