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  1. Plumber1

    14 years today

    No big deal!
  2. Plumber1

    Induction cooktops and On-X valve

    Remodeling our kitchen: Is there any knowledge regarding close proximity to induction cooktops (all the rage these days) and having an On-X Valve in the aortic position? Thanks for considering this! -- Mark.
  3. Plumber1

    Have on-X valve, going in for lung operation and surgeon says no need to bridge

    Sorry, not sure where to post this. The fine surgeon that installed my on-X valve in 2007 needs to get back inside me to review a finding in the right lung. He has prescribed for no need to bridge, just stop Coumadin 5 days prior. I have greatest confidence in this fellow and am pleasantly...
  4. Plumber1

    Q about protecting my noggin

    I maintain INR levels at 2.5 to 3.5 and have been told no-no on some activities where my head could be injured. I want to ride a bicycle, just on paths not really on roads too much, and am wondering if anyone has figured out what helmet provides the best protection. Thanks for any insight on...
  5. Plumber1

    2 Years today

    2007 Halloween will always be memorable as I woke up in ICU after my AVR surgery and my costume was one I would not wish on anyone I know. I brought a mask to wear but the nurses took it away thinking it wasn't sterile enough. Two years has gone by very quickly. Living with a mechanical valve...
  6. Plumber1

    Scheduled to bridge on Lovenox, advice?

    I am scheduled for a minor abdominal structural repair and shortly will begin Lovenox bridging. Any advice offered from those who have done this before would be greatly appreciated. I will stop coumadin 5 days before surgery, begin subcutaneous inject of 115 mg a day 3 days before surgery...
  7. Plumber1

    Here I am one year post op!

    I'm now officially a TOOTS member.
  8. Plumber1

    Cardiac Rehabilitation Bill in Congress

    There is a Cardiac Rehabilitation Bill in Congress that could use support. Here is a link that makes it easy to get information about this bill and to let your representative in Washington DC know if you support amending title XVIII of the Social Security Act to provide coverage for cardiac...
  9. Plumber1

    Cardio Rehab Bill in Congress okay to post?

    This might be a Ross question. There is a Cardio Rehab Bill in Congress that could use support. Here is a link that can be cut and pasted: I am asking if this is relevant to and if political things like this are ever allowed or encouraged. Thanks.
  10. Plumber1

    6 months today

    Hi there, It has been 6-months today since I had my AVR and I feel pretty darn good. was an absolute godsend when I was making my mind up about how to proceed regarding this major life event. Members here helped me figure out what valve to get, what to bring to the hospital and what to...
  11. Plumber1

    A Plumbers report from the hospital

    Hi there, My wife notified the board of the success of my AVR surgery on 10/30/07 but I wanted to drop a note to say thanks for everyones support and well-wishes during this process. Having the resources at my fingertips that the VR website provides and the sage advice from the VR community...
  12. Plumber1

    Surgery date is the 30th, costume suggestions?

    I posted 4 months ago about my schedule for AVR and conduit replacement. However, a CT scan discovered very small lump of cancer in upper right lobe of lung and I had that lobe removed on 6/12 instead of doing the AVR (same doctor, same clinic). Now, after recovery from lung surgery I can get...
  13. Plumber1

    My AVR and conduit scheduled for June 12

    I have my AVR and aortic artery replacement scheduled for 6/12. I have a bicuspid valve and a some family history that includes some marfaniod-like symptoms. I am slated to receive a On-x valve with a Dacron conduit. Surgery is to take place here in Olympia Washington by surgeon with a lot of...
  14. Plumber1

    Selection for AV replacement and conduit?

    I have a leaky aortic valve and an aorta artery that is dilated to 5.7cm. Valve rebuild probably isn't an option as Marfans syndrome may be a factor. So realistically, what are the valve and conduit options other than St. Judes? I would love to hear about options based on personal and...