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    12 years

    congratulations! wishing you many more!
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    one year today

    Congratulations Pekster11!!! Yes, that first year goes by fast!! I'm at 16 months and I can't believe it either!
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    10th Anniversary

    congratulations Mike! That's awesome!!
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    April Fools will always be my valveversary!

    Cheers! Congratulations on your one year! Loved your post! It really hit home! I'm 1 year 4 months out from my 2nd chance!
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    Thank you for this Juli! My doctor gave me the same protocol for my colonoscopy in a couple of weeks. This has eased some of my concern about skipping a couple of doses before the injections. Interesting about starting your doses up again! I've read a few other postings about this too...
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    I've crossed the line into severe and need to make a decision

    Happy anniversary Chuck! I'm 1 year and 4 months and will have my first bridge in a couple of weeks! Life is back to normal too! I also forget at times about the surgery. Hope all is well with your thyroid! I think my thyroid causes me more issues than my heart! Ellen
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    Celebrating my one-year anniversary.

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    New here - BAV replacement scheduled for 2/9/22

    Glad you're home ChrisW! Sounds like a challenging two weeks! I agree, being home is much better! Take care!
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    Good afternoon

    I turned 65 in the hospital after my valve replacement surgery. I had a mini sternotomy, arotic valve replacement. You might want to get him a wedge pillow (not too expensive from Amazon), it could help him to be more comfortable while in bed. (I ordered one after my first night home!) Have...
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    New, Returning Past Member - 1-17-22 Surgery Scheduled

    Great to hear! Hope you have a smooth recovery!
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    New here - BAV replacement scheduled for 2/9/22

    Glad you're on the other side! I only ate grapes and cold cereal in hospital. Once I was home, it took another few weeks for my appetite return. I forgot about talking! yes, talking was trying/hard! A few times I had the nurse call my husband with updates. No visitors at the time of my...
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    Covid must have been delivered using kryptonite?

    Hope and pray you and your wife feel better soon!!
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    Two years for me today

    You do look very happy! Congratulations on two years!! great picture! Your hair looks good!
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    17 YRS!

    Congratulations! Happy valversary!
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    The time has come again for me to say ...

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!
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    Forum member Debs (maisiejane) has died

    My condolences to her loved ones. Rest in peace.
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    Home Testing since COVID?

    I'm go to a Coumadin clinic about every 6 weeks and I bought a meter/strips off ebay. The clinic gives me an extra piece of mind, along with the weekly testing I do for myself. I did tell the clinic I bought the meter and it has helped a few times, when I've had to call about something. I can...
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    Mechanical Valve

    Hi redone, It’s a hard decision! I had planned on a TAVR for my bicuspid surgery. (no question about that!) My heart team said either the TAVR or the mechanical would be a good fit, it was up to me. (I was 64-turned 65 a week after my surgery) my cardiologist, my cardiothoracic surgeon both...
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    How did you discover your valve issue?

    When I was about 32, during one my final oncology appointments, one doctor heard a slight murmur. He said he could refer me to a cardiologist but since no other doctor had heard it (through 2 pregnancies and my cancer & follow-ups every 3 months), he gave me an option to not to put it in my...
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    INR & Covid & Antibodies

    Glad you are better Unicusp!!! Sounds very scary!! It is also disheartening to hear, that the monoclonal antibodies treatments are hard to get. I'm getting my booster tomorrow. Take care and thanks for sharing the info!