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    Good Luck

    To any “newbie” coming here expecting objective discourse, you may want to move on. The philosophy of those on this board is that the only people who have any knowledge worth hearing are those who are not “newbies” to this forum. Also do not dare say anything negative about mechanical valves...
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    Tissue Valve replaced 11/11/21-Relief

    I was the guy since April 2021 who thought I could just exercise and eat right and somehow postpone avr, big mistake. On 11/7/21 I was walking to my car and barely made it. My son was with me and watch me pass out for a good minute in the drivers seat. He called 911 and I was ambulanced to White...
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    Hard to trust many doctors

    I just turned 66 and have been diagnosed with severe AS. My symptoms are mild. Usually some chest tightness when I’m stressed and exerting. Mean gradient on echo 86 and av diam is 1.2. I feel my cardiologist who specializes in AVR is pushing me too soon to surgery so I went out on my own to find...