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  1. Duffey

    New here

    My uncle traveled to Houston as a last resort in 1977 for Dr. Cooley to replace an aortic aneurysm. Unfortunately he did not survive the surgery. Glad to know that you were a success story.
  2. Duffey

    Tissue Valve

    To answer your question, yes you can undergo TAVR if you have a tissue valve. Long time member Tobagotwo, who had a porcine valve, had replacement via TAVR a year ago last June. For what it’s worth, my bovine valve was implanted 16 1/2 years ago and is still going strong.
  3. Duffey

    Valve Choice with history of Cancer. Anyone deal with this?

    So sorry to hear of this latest health challenge. The only information I can offer is in regards to Tobagotwo’s experience. He fought his own battle with cancer and did need his aortic valve replaced about nine months before his death. He underwent TAVR, and of course that was due to his...
  4. Duffey

    Staying the Course -- Autumn At Last!

    Very sorry to hear about DW’s fall, Superbob. You have had a rough few years. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.
  5. Duffey

    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    Yes, I have noticed, but unlike you, the Forum does feel to me to be more of a library. There’s nothing wrong with that. Your personal journey with valve replacement is long and varied, and your experience and knowledge is a reliable resource for new members seeking help. However when recent...
  6. Duffey

    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    I had an Edwards bovine aortic valve implanted in 2005. My cardiogist schedules an echocardiogram only once every two years. My last appointment was in October of 2020, and to come back in October, 2022. If I had any problems or concerns, to call. My point is . . . you can’t project or speculate...
  7. Duffey

    16 years with my bovine valve

    Thanks Bob. Best wishes for your upcoming replacement.
  8. Duffey

    16 years with my bovine valve

  9. Duffey

    16 years with my bovine valve

    I had a top notch cardio thoracic surgeon, Dr. Nicholas Kouchoukos. He told me I’d get 11 years out of the valve, and in 2005, 11 years sounded pretty good. I guess the surgeon and the valve itself were over-achievers.😉
  10. Duffey

    16 years with my bovine valve

    Yep, I think a TAVR would be the way to go.
  11. Duffey

    Staying the Course: Romantic Month of June, 2021 Edition

    Very cool pictures, @skeptic49! Good luck with your surgery, @Superbob. If you can find some rhubarb pie post-surgery, please eat a piece for me. Today marks my 16th anniversary of AVR. I had forgotten all about it, but when I remembered I decided that I should make mention of it here. My bovine...
  12. Duffey

    16 years with my bovine valve

    I just remembered that today is the 16th anniversary of my aortic valve replacement. I rarely think of it. My bovine valve is still working well, and getting 20 years out of it seems like a real possibility.
  13. Duffey

    Staying the Course: Merry Month of May 2021 Edition

    It’s been a crazy spring. Hubby was due to retire on April 23 after 41 years at our local hospital. He came home on April 19 after his usual 8 hour shift, limping. He hadn’t suffered an injury, but his knee was very sore. As the evening progressed, it swelled to such a degree that we went to...
  14. Duffey

    Staying the Course: April 2021 Edition

    SB, I think that you’ve done a tremendous job with keeping our Stay the Course thread active. I look in to see what’s going on but I have not been a good role model in terms of exercise or weight loss. Perhaps a bi-monthly thread start would help but whatever you decide, Bob, know that your...
  15. Duffey

    Staying the Course -- February 2, 2021

    I’m checking in to say that I am super excited about the Redbirds latest signing. Bring on Spring training!
  16. Duffey

    Tobagotwo has died

    Sorry that I didn’t see your question sooner, Marsha. All Obituaries | Bridgewater Funeral Home | Bridgewater NJ funeral home and cremation
  17. Duffey

    Tobagotwo has died

    It is with great sadness that I share the news that Bob Hendricks, Tobagotwo on VR, has died following a five year battle with prostate cancer. He was a good friend and mentor to many facing valve replacement and his contribution to the reference material on this website is invaluable.
  18. Duffey

    Staying the Course -- December 15, 2020

    My husband, a clinical respiratory therapist for 46 years, receives the vaccine this afternoon. We are thrilled! I will let you know how he fares, but he doesn’t anticipate any severe side effects.