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    Bleeding issue

    Many causes to bleeding gums, not medication interaction. Depends on your numbers. And what your health status is also. Talk to your Cardio, nor Cardio nurse about what your INR unless you test at home.
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    Chest/sternal pain

    It takes a year for the muscles in the sternum to heal from the trauma of surgery. That is why Cardio tells you to ease back into routine and that it would take a year for the sternum to heal from the trauma of Open Heart Surgery. Just slow down and take it easy. Go slow and work it up. Take...
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    Got some disturbing news today from a new heart doctor here in Bangkok

    You would not know till you are taking the meds, pill form. And you would get what is normal allergic reaction. not rejection.
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    Got some disturbing news today from a new heart doctor here in Bangkok

    Never even heard this on Tissue Valves, which are treated the same as mechanical valves, treated with antirejection meds before implanting.
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    Severe Aortic Regurgitation Leading to Second Surgery

    You will just have to sit tight. Restrictions are meant right now to save problems. At least till they decide the final outcome. At least you can do other things to make lie interesting. It will depend on any changes in the valves. Hope you luck that it can wait, but do not be disappointed if...
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    Irregular Heartbeat

    Went to Cardio last week and he suggested doing a monitor. Did not say he was having sent to my house. Thought I was getting an Early BD present. Got it was in shock. Not a bulky box with a shoulder strap like in the old days. But we are trying to figure out what is causing the irregular...
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    Got some disturbing news today from a new heart doctor here in Bangkok

    I have heard of people having allergic reactions to Coumadin and had to try another med(not the generic Warfarin).
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    Got some disturbing news today from a new heart doctor here in Bangkok

    In the world of the Mechanical Valve, you do have chances of heart attack or stroke when not taking Blood Thinners. You can still suffer irregular heartbeat, or other heart issues. And never heard of the body rejecting the St. Jude's' aortic valve, since it is treated with anti-rejection to...
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    Chest/sternal pain

    It is the sternum and it is not broken. The muscles have been through trauma and takes about a year for the muscles to heal up. Takes time.
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    Pls if anyone has their valve replaced with the inspiris resilia comment.

    I reported the post of his. He is being very morbid.
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    My local ambulance service was in the private sector quite a few years ago till the voters made it part of the fire Department. They used to do a membership driver every three months. So glad that is gone. But they can still bill you outrageously, no matter the insurance coverage. I was luck...
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    cuts on warfarin

    Who is they that is telling you all this, the doctor office or your job HR? Ot is it just research and you are coming across misinformation. CDC did change the isolation from 10 days to 5 and your company might not be up to the changes yet. You do have to provide a doctor's not if you have FMLA...
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    I was able to skip the ambulance ride, when I fell on black ice quite a few years ago. Firefighters here also are EMTS, and they knew I was not made of money and told me, since I was not bleeding out, to ride the bus to the hospital. Loved it and scary at the same time. I was still working then.
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    You do know how Medicare works, first. It pays 80% of the medical cost from testing to surgery. Then you have to pay the 20% that Medicare does not cover. And then if you are disabled, or Retired, you can get Medicare. When you are very limited income cannot afford the extra stuff, it can be a...
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    INR change with weight change

    Nope, it is that the more active you are and the food changes, and medications, it can make you have to increase the INR. If you are under a great deal of stress on the job, or at home, you will have to adjust the Warfarin. The only intolerance to warfarin is becoming allergic to it and have to...
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    I only have Medicare and no wait to see a doctor, a specialist. So no other medical insurance and does not put in me in front of any line. I have to call in to make appointments and wait like everyone else. There was a time, a few years ago, no job, no medical insurance and off warfarin and...
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    Pig heart transplant

    I saw it on the news, quite different that bovine tissue valve. We have to wait to see how long this will last.
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    I am a heart person, birth defect of the aortic valve with murmur, replaced in 2001 with a St. Judes' valve. I am also a type 2 diabetic, gene pool from family and surgery triggered and not clogging up my hospital visits over it. You know nothing about the true Americans , except for what you...
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    Coumadin clinic

    You should let the Coumadin(warfarin)clinic know your wishes as well as your cardio. I have split pills myself and no problem. But you do what you feel comfortable with. You are your own advocate with medication as you are to be with your medical issues. Good luck in getting them to listen.
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    Tissue Valve

    You called us laymen, stupid. So wrong to do. We are with specialists and have been in this area for many years of experience. We are not stupid or uneducated on our health issues. Look at your post again. You did call us laymen stupid and uneducated. Sad when people bash people for knowing a...