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    Post-op Beer

    CatDad - this is a good example of why having an INR meter, to enable you to do a finger-prick blood test weekly, or indeed more frequently when experimenting, is helpful to see the effects of alcohol and whether you need advice on Warfarin dose or level of alcohol consumption. If you find it...
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    Post-op Beer

    I am glad he had finished operating first! ;)
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    So far, so good – Part Three

    I agree about the value of writing this at the time of going through it - thanks Seaton! The end of this month sees the fifth anniversary of my AVR and already some things are forgotten. I know that you have done a lot of research into this procedure, but I think my two most important things I...
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    Never ending INR issues- warning LONG post

    Wow - is that graph with a consistent dose of Warfarin? Amazing variation, and clearly very alarming. No sign of an infection? (Eg do you have a temperature?) Others here will be better placed to offer useful advice than me, but I can understand your worry and desire to find a solution.
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    At this time of year it makes a change from people's holiday pics! And interesting how prescribing policies vary so much. Comparatively restricted quantities here in the UK, though 90% of people get free prescriptions (at the point of supply), but Protimenow can get hundreds at a time (but...
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    I have a plan b: may I suggest you invite one of us on holidays with you for dosing advice in order to continue to enjoy them as intended ;)
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    The maximum prescription here, unless exceptional circumstances apply, is 2 months 8 weeks.
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    Wow, how do we survive, huh? ;)
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    No - Almus and Teva: The brand does change from time to time - I assume a commercial decision by my pharmacy. I haven't noticed a difference in dose requirements as a result. I used to be prescribed 2 months' supply of each type at a time, but when I changed doctors the new practice only...
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    Cardiac tamponade

    Please forgive the diversion, but having not heard of "Cardiac Tamponade" my first thought was that it was some kind of weird drink! Having now Googled it I realise how serious it is, and am very glad not to have had it.
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    Here in the UK I was prescribed 1mg, 3mg and 5mg Warfarin pills from the outset, on the basis that variations in INR are normal and there will be times when you need to adjust your dose, whether temporarily or longer term. With this combination you can make any normal dose of course - I have...
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    Not a doctor here either, but this is what I would do too, then retest in 3 days time. Cancel any wood chopping plans during those 3 days ... ;) And I completely agree with self managing being both achievable and desirable. Yes, you will need to do a little trial and error to start off with...
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    Your experience getting travel insurance?

    I don't know if this will help, being from the UK, but last month I used "Travel Insurance Saver" for a 2 week trip to the US and paid about £450 (A$800) and I have valve, pacemaker, bypass and diabetes.
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    CoaguChek error 8

    I self-test weekly, and adjust my own dose when needed. I give the result to my anticoagulation clinic every 6 to 8 weeks, which is whenever they ask for it, and I always give them the exact same figure as shown on the meter. This is because if ever I have something serious happen and need to...
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    Morning vs. evening anti-coagulation dose

    I agree that the most important thing is to take it at ABOUT the same time each day - I am not worried if I am an hour or two late, for example. Just that i have definitely taken it. And I greatly rely on my pillbox. My work can be very demanding, and I find I get distracted and can forget...
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    Local Care After Surgery at Hours Away Hospital

    I agree with Protimenow's suggestion of the MedicAlert bracelet or necklace idea, which contains key points engraved on the item and then a number to call 24 hours a day for additional details. Paramedics look for such products and I think better than a card in a wallet or handbag - a friend...
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    Recovering alone

    Although I was in hospital for a total of 25 days as, not only was I am emergency admission but due to surgical complication, I needed a pacemaker too, my recovery went very smoothly. I am single and live in a flat on the first floor of a house (for Americans: an apartment on the second...
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    Minor AS and finding a partner

    I suspect that for a man there ARE issues that can affect confidence: the combination of Aortic Stenosis and a Beta Blocker affects one's ability to perform sexually, giving at least a degree of erectile dysfunction. It may not be possible to take traditional options such as Viagra to...
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    Importance of self-management

    Ironically I wrote that comment whilst I am in Las Vegas on holiday. I have brought my Coaguchek XS with me in my hand luggage and continuing to do weekly testing, or will test more frequently if the change of diet affects my INR, but so far I have been stable. As others have said: we need to...
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    Importance of self-management

    In case useful for those reading this thread, self-managing your INR is the "gold standard" here in the UK, achieving a massive reduction in complications. See for more