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    Exactly same symptoms whilst sleeping and only get the knocking with deep breaths, cardiologist told me its normal and honestly don't often realise its happening and just adjust to my situation.
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    Has anyone tried a back to back test with your lab. I always tend to get a .3-.4 variance on my lab result compared to my CoaguCheck XS strips, Lab always being lower. So if im aiming for 2.0 in reuslt I aim for a 2.4 readout on the XS. Then again one would ask whether the lab result is the...
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    Anti Inflammatory Options While On Warfarin?

    Voltaren cream/gel is one of the few things that shot my INR up only realising on the 3rd day of usage. Something that works with me is Solpadeine taken when I sprained my foot badly apart from that I only rely on paracetamol.
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    Warfarin and Asprin

    On-X user here for these past 3 years and have been on 75mg daily Aspirin. I try to keep my INR at around 2.0-2.2 with weekly checks my average dose varies around 7-8mg I realise when temperatures increase around summer time I always need to take that extra 1mg every now and then, could be more...
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    On-x Valve users aspirin intake

    Hi Juergen as regards to 'I am a little bit worried that Aspirin - even at the low dose - could pose a risk with stomach bleeding' I was told that you would start having stomach symptoms immediately if aspirin isn't working out well, in my case no symptoms whatsoever in 7months.
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    On-x Valve users aspirin intake

    Thank you appreciate both replies.
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    On-x Valve users aspirin intake

    Hi all. Been 7months since procedure and all going great. Yesterday had my 3rd follow up echocardiogram and discussed with my cardiologist whether it's useful to continue my daily 75mg aspirin daily intake which onyx suggest for the initial 3 months. She told me that on other makes they don't...
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    5 weeks post op a couple of comments/questions

    Thank you for the great tips Eva appreciate it
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    5 weeks post op a couple of comments/questions

    You've nailed it with the cricket sound ;-) Same here its not interfering with my sleep at all hoping my thump will soften out as time passes. Thanks for the feedback.
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    5 weeks post op a couple of comments/questions

    Thanks for the insight feel much more positive reading this. Im hoping to start rehab next week just waiting for the hospital to contact me.
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    5 weeks post op a couple of comments/questions

    Thank you for the replies. Makes sense re relation to aneurysm since its depends on position. I really do hope it stops in the near future.
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    5 weeks post op a couple of comments/questions

    Hi all. New here with my first post. As per title its 5 weeks since I had part of my aortic root replaced together with my aortic valve which is of the On-x type all caused by my ex bicuspid valve. I'm a 37yr old male 6ft2 who always led a very healthy life style both diet wise and activity...