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  1. Jodie leigh

    Mechanical Valve

    Tbh with your age if you don’t want to have surgery again (which I’m not going to lie is absolutely traumatic) then I would go for mechanical only downfall is anticoagulation for life and the noise of the valve! Some people like it and it reassures them it’s working me however find it unbearable...
  2. Jodie leigh

    Mitral valve replacement mechanical

    Hi everyone, I’m 27 years had a stroke at 24, found out I was born with a congenital heart defect (parachute mitral valve) had to have emergency surgery July 2021 to have a mechanical valve fitted and left atrial appendage removal. I have been left with severe health anxiety absolutely...
  3. Jodie leigh

    Marijuana and Blood Thinners/Mechanical Valve

    Hey, so I had mitral valve replacement in July I also smoke cannabis was a heavy smoker before surgery still struggling to get my INR in range but I’ve also been starting new medications, I wouldn’t worry too much about INR as they monitor you very closely,how ever I’ve cut down massively with...