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    Tissue Valve Turns 14

    I too have PVC's, very annoying. I don't have any symptoms, but when it happens, 4-6 x's/minute, feels like my heart wants to jump out of my chest. I'm 7 months post AVR and aorta graft. How is yours managed? Do you continue to have PVC's even with meds? I'm not taking anything...
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    Variable/pounding heart rate following AVR/Aorta graft

    Thx all. I have always been active, I've played squash for 25 yrs, an extremely demanding cardio sport where your heart rate can reach 190-200 bpm. And I look forward to getting back to that. My diet has always been decent and at 63, I weigh the same I did in high school. I can handle my job...
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    Variable/pounding heart rate following AVR/Aorta graft

    I am 5 months post-AVR (Edwards Inspiris Resilia) and ascending aorta graft. I had a bout of "A-flutter" just before discharge that did not respond to 2 rounds of cardioversion but on day 9 did spontaneously resolve. 3 weeks ago and for the first time since discharge, per my I-Watch, HR was 130...
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    Freshly Hatched and New

    Hmm... thought that was the reason for the warfarin?? "Thrombotic risk is related to the type of valve, position of the valve and adequacy of anticoagulation," according to Vuyisile T. Nkomo, M.D., M.P.H., director of the Valvular Heart Disease Clinic at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota...
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    Freshly Hatched and New

    I'm 8 weeks out from my AVR, (25 mm Edwards Resillia at Cleveland Clinic) aorta graft and CABG x 1. I obsessed over valve choice, and you will too. To simplify, the choice essentially boils down to a biologic that will mimick a realtively healthy native valve (my PCP told me I still have a...
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    16 years with my bovine valve

    Inspiring news, my Edwards Resilia Inspiris is only 8 weeks old but I'm praying it makes it 20 yrs!
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    5 myths of heart valve surgery Dr Marc Gerdisch

    Pain is very common for weeks, so long as not deblitating, as is a feeling of chest tightness. Do deep breathing excercises, consistently and inhale until it becomes uncomfortable. If you have a spirometer (usually provided by the hospital) use it! The Apple I Watch has a deep breathing app...
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    Cleveland Clinic Questions

    Ulnar nerve injuries are a recognized complication, but especially where the arm is not properly positioned and is then held in that position for several hours. This is very basic and something I would have expected the anesthesiologist to have gotten right or, minimally, monitored and made...
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    Cleveland Clinic valves?

    You'll find endless discussions on this forum regarding valve selection. I am 63 and had a 25 mm Edwards Inspiris Resilia valve put in at CC on 4-23. At my age, I would say the CC team was definitely leaning biologic and so was I. I found my surgeon presented the pros and cons of each but...
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    Cleveland Clinic Questions

    On 4-13-21 I had AVR (25 mm Edwards Inpiris Resilia), aorta graft and CABG done at CC by Dr. Aaron Weiss with Dr. Roselli assisting. I had originally sought out Dr. Roselli, but he was booking several months into the future and he suggested not waiting given my small valve area and terrible...
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    4 weeks post AVR, aorta graft and CABG - my experience

    I'm 4 weeks post AVR, aorta graft and CABG x 1 done at Clevelanc Clinic and thought I would share my experience. 1. Surgery went off without a hitch. Lead surgeon Dr. Aaron Weiss assisted by Dr. Eric Roselli - definitely the "A" Team. I'm 63 and chose the Edwards Inpiris Resilia. They were able...
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    Tomorrow 's the day

    esvaja- I am 5 day post avr, aortic graft and CABAG at Cleveland Clinic. Generally all has been great. My one caveat is the ICU. Very noisy and generally staffed by very young people. There’s a lot of f loud talking, laughter, etc. even at 3 am. Step down has been, a room to yourself, great...
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    I've crossed the line into severe and need to make a decision

    jlcsn2015- still happy with the decision to go mechanical? How long since your surgery? Any regrets? Thx
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    I've crossed the line into severe and need to make a decision

    Hello - I'll be at the CC on the 15th for follow-up tests. If you're out of ICU, and up for it, I could stop by and say hello. I can't recall who your surgeon is? Funny that the first recommendation for me was also the Resilia. I said "No thanks"! Got the On-X with zero regret. I'm close to...
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    I've crossed the line into severe and need to make a decision

    Great to hear Chuck. Figured once your INR settled down, you'd be all set! I go to Cleveland Clinic Tues., 4-13, for AVR, ascending aortic aneurysm graft and CABG. I'm 63 and leaning towards the Edwards Resilia, figuring I can get a TAVI in 15 yrs or so, at 78, which then shd last me to the...
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    First post from Maryland - advice and support needed!

    I saw a Univ of Mich cardiologist for over 20 years to watch my BAV and aortic aneurysm and when it came time for surgery, I met with two of their cardiothoracic surgeons but was not impressed. So I sought out Cleveland Clinic. You'll hear nothing but praise for them on this forum. I wanted...
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    I've crossed the line into severe and need to make a decision

    I think it's awsome you can post messages that make sense! Great encouragement for me, my surgery, including aorta graft, is 4-13 and I hope to be doing half as well as you are. Keep it up bro!
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    Edwards Resilia Inspiris Aortic Valve

    esvaja- my AVR is scheduled at Cleveland Clinic 4-13. I have not been vaccinated. They told me that if you have had the first injection, they will only procede with the surgery provided you have had the second round, but being vacinated is not required to do the surgery.
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    U of M vs Clevland Clinic

    I'm going with Cleveland Clinic, Dr Aaron Weiss. He's able to do it April 13. I wanted Dr. Roselli but he is booking for June and he didn't want me to wait that long given my poor numbers. His NP said he will be in the OR for some of the procedure, but Dr. Weiss will be lead. So I feel...
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    Tissue Valvers. How Old is Yours?

    How's your squash game? I'm 62 and will have my aortic valve replaced along with a section of the ascending aorta in April. Looking most to getting back to squash, but will likley tend more towards doubles. Still struggling with bioprosthetic vs mechanical, though leaning towards mechanical...