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  1. Warrick

    The matrix has you.

    The matrix has you.
  2. Warrick

    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    Mechanical vs tissue is the name of this thread.... Personal choice is whats its all about isnt it? So that puts prejudice out the window imo How can people state why they made their own choice without being accused of being prejudice? Some of the posters in this thread have had both so which...
  3. Warrick

    Post-op Warfarin

    So they are saying take 57.5mg a week, up from the 54mg. So 57mg a week is 8.21mg a day and 54mg a week is 7.7mg a day, its much easier and generaly your INR is more stable to think in daily doses not as a lump sum a week. Curious what pill sizes you have-...
  4. Warrick

    Mitral valve replacement mechanical

    Yep its not easy, especially when you feel young and bullet proof. I felt at the time I was not sick before but now I am. In hindsight I would have been dead a few years at least by now if I did not get it done and really for me six years on now and its gone pretty quick since. Its not something...
  5. Warrick

    Post-op Warfarin

    Its very normal for your warfarin dose to need to increase over several weeks/months after surgery. There are many many references to this fact in the posts here but it might be a difficult one to search out. I started out way back on 5mg daily, Im currently taking 10.5mg. @pellicle...
  6. Warrick

    Best INR & warfarin dosing app

    INRlog is really good.
  7. Warrick

    Young Bentall Patient

    Whoa 11cm, thats amazing, glad you won the life lotto!
  8. Warrick

    Can I take flu shot?

    Yep I get the flu jab every year as its free at work. Also its free for people with chronic heart disease. Well worth it imo! This year oddley when I had it I had a misinformed nurse at first refuse to give me the jab because I’m on warfarin, “you cant have it your on warfarin”, “yes I can my...
  9. Warrick

    How did you discover your valve issue?

    I broke my hand about 15 yrs ago and had to have it straightened and thats when they picked up a murmur, had an echo a few months later. Told over the phone results were everything fine. Went 5 yrs no doctors and then 10 yrs ago this month I had a medical to renew my heavy drivers licence (...
  10. Warrick

    25 years

    Congratulations! Go go St Jude, my fathers did 34yrs and was still going strong when he passed.
  11. Warrick

    Routine tooth cleaning - Precautions

    Definition of communism- “a theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs.” Sounds like a forum to me 😂😂🤪
  12. Warrick

    Gag reflex warfarin

    Yep warfarin tastes yuck if you dont get it down quick enough. Might be a silly question for everyone but could you dissolve warfarin in warm water and drink it? Guess you could. Also if you hold your nose you cannot taste, so maybe if its a taste thing you could try that? I do that when I...
  13. Warrick

    Anyone NEED a meter?

    Doubt that very much, sounds a bit fantastical
  14. Warrick

    Considering the end of - Looking for your thoughts

    Really? Its a two year old thread and the site had new owners not long after that last 2019 post.
  15. Warrick

    Staying the Course -- Autumn At Last!

    Sorry to hear of your wifes injury Bob, very best wishes from NZ.
  16. Warrick

    CryoLife On-X INR Claims

    Before St Jude changed to Abott on their website I recall they did list the range for a St Jude Regent in the aortic position of 2-2.5. This is about all I can find linked on their site...
  17. Warrick

    Foldax valve trials

    Interview with the developer/inventer of the Foldax valve with some good insight into the progress they are making- “Our longest patient is about twenty-two months and he’s doing exceptionally well. We can’t quite believe how much of an impact it’s had on him. He is a runner and recently...
  18. Warrick

    I'm a little worried! Valve leakage!!

    Does mild to moderate leakage cause the ventricle to enlarge or remodel? If so then wouldnt that necessitate replacement?
  19. Warrick

    Covid Vaccines

    Yep I’ve seen his written excrement.... t’was trying to be nice...😂
  20. Warrick

    Covid Vaccines

    I think (I hope..) it was meant as tongue in cheek humour...