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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    A man walks into a pub, orders a pint and spots a piano in the corner. He asks the landlord if he would like a bit of music. Landlord agrees. So our man reaches into his overcoat pocket and pulls out a very small man dressed formally in a dinner jacket. The small man then regales the entire...
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    Shots-Flu and Covid-19 booster

    Same here: flu jab about a month ago, booster (Pfizer, the previous 2 having been AstraZeneca). No side effects from either, as best I can tell.
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    Drinking alcohol on warfarin

    I completely agree with this, and have been doing similar since my aortic valve surgery 7 years ago. Thanks to self-testing, doing some extra tests whilst away, I learnt the point you make about extra drinking on holiday, and adjusted my dose accordingly!
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    Home testing

    I completely agree. Bear in mind that this report was published in 2014, and the adoption of home testing is far more widespread now with a larger cohort of users and, I suspect, more willing promotion and support from health care professionals. I am also over 90% in range, monitoring weekly.
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    Gag reflex warfarin

    As various past boyfriends will testify in somewhat different circumstances, I have quite a strong gag reflex but no problem taking Warfarin pills or indeed any others. Have you considered (or tried) taking the pills with a flavoured drink you like, instead of with water?
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    Home testing

    I realise that, being in the UK, my experience doesn't directly help those in the US. However, if reassuring to users about the accuracy of the CoaguChek XS machines, and for possibly arguing against doctors who dismiss them, this report by the UK's "National Institute of Clinical Excellence"...
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    Ointment and sunscreen on scar

    Like others, I used Bio Oil for months after my surgery, as well as staying out of the sun for the first year, and now that OHS scar is visible but the same colour as the rest of my skin, and the pacemaker scar is practically invisible.
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    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    And if only comparing 10 countries concerns you, how about this list - I'm afraid that I had to zoom out of the normal screen size to be able to fit the US in, as that country ranks 37th out of the top 100. (UK is 18th). Best Healthcare In The World 2021
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    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    There is certainly plenty that is wrong with the UK's NHS - even before the pandemic there have been long delays in some types of elective treatment, and now it is forecast to be years before waiting lists recover. It is a very bureaucratic organisation where, for example even though it is a...
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    Elevation and INR

    I didn't understand a word of the camera speak, but love the pics!
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    Coaguchek INRange ...

    I don't believe that there is any adjustment hospitals can do to the CoaguChek machines, but I wonder if the issue is one of language: my hospital anticoagulation clinic in London used to refer to the six-monthly visits as "calibration checks" for my meter, but actually all they were doing was...
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    Shelf life of Coumadin?

    I agree: it is important to remain anticoagulated whilst being eaten by zombies. Since both the US and British governments now concede that there really are UFOs, the possibility of aliens hunting us down has gone up - insurance premiums are sure to rise. Storing the tablets in a dark, cool...
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    Shelf life of Coumadin?

    I would, and have, though admittedly only by a few months beyond their 'use by' date so far. As has already been said, the most likely effect of the longer use is a decline in effectiveness. If tablets have been stored in reasonable conditions, and sealed in their original packaging, then my...
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    Covid Vaccines

    I think you have missed a response: 3) Death. Man who died from COVID told nurses he wished he had been vaccinated
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    Coaguchek INRange ...

    I agree with Lynn - an alternative lab test, or the pharmacy, seems a good plan. I have used the CoaguChek XS for 7 years and never had a discrepancy of more than 0.2 from my anticoagulation clinic's reading, whether they have used a blood draw or another meter. Personally, I am inclined to...
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    This isn't directly relevant to the question asked, but in case useful to mention: I had a pacemaker inserted within a week of my OHS as my heart did not recover its electrical function properly - ie complete heart block, and I am 100% dependent, but did not have any issues with pacing prior to...
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    Coaguchek XS accuracy

    I've also been using my CoaguChek XS for about 7 years, and trust it completely. Every 6 months I go to my anticoagulation clinic and check my result against theirs. Initially they did a lab test for their check, but these days they use the 'multi-patient' version of the CoaguChek. I have...
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    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    I know it has been said before, but I am so glad I don't live under the American system of health care! Here in the UK my ambulance to hospital, tests, OHS for the valve replacement and then an operation for a pacemaker to be inserted were free. I bought my own INR meter directly from Roche...
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    Is this forum an appropriate place for humor?

    I am a big believer in using humour in life. If attending a new clinic or the emergency room, when asked if I am allergic to anything I always answer "pain", knowing full well that they meant allergic to any medicines. I must admit to being surprised that this always gets a laugh, as I had...