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  1. Brinntache

    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    Isn't CoQ10 one of the things they tell you to avoid on warfarin? I used to take it.
  2. Brinntache

    Best INR & warfarin dosing app

    Hi all, thought I would share since I had a pain finding a decent app and no threads here. Settled on 'INR Diary'. plus google/amazon/apple stores. Allows me to track my INR, set reminders for my home testing, set a schedule for my warfarin dosing (which varies by...
  3. Brinntache

    Mechanical Valve

    Hey Redone, Like Chuck and others I chose mechanical avr at age 50. I was very unsure of which route to take, and actually enrolled in a study looking at weather the Ross procedure or mechanical was the best option for people my age. Ended up in the mechanical side but was given the option of...
  4. Brinntache

    Comprehensive list of foods and their Vitamin K content?

    Here is the British Columbia (a province in Canada) guide to food sources of vitamin K, with mcg per It misses the herbs, ie cilantro, sage, basil and thyme. but then there is the entire issue of K1 vs K2...
  5. Brinntache

    Routine tooth cleaning - Precautions

    Well I personally would like to hear more about Communist Teeth Cleaning. Does the entire village gather round each with a dental pick, working on one tooth each?
  6. Brinntache

    Sparing the Aortic Root

    As someone who ended up back in hospital with complications, anything that reduces the potential for complications is good. And if it doesn't lead to future operations, it's gold. Best of luck.
  7. Brinntache

    Needing non-cardiac surgery with a prosthetic heart valve and warfarin intake

    I recently had dental work. A single dose of antibiotics an hour before was all that was prescribed. Lots of blood, but I was good by the end of the day.
  8. Brinntache

    Drinking alcohol on warfarin

    Dose the diet, not diet the dose. My diet includes beer, wine, and spirits. You already know that a big binge throws your body out of whack, and we are too old for that. :cry: So enjoy and be happy.
  9. Brinntache

    Covid 19 vaccine recommendations

    In Canada we have a lot of mixed vaccine people due to a 'take what's available when it's available' push. Mostly good results. AstraZeneca is suspended because of thrombosis issues. (and we know about that on this board). But males under 40 with heart issues are now told to watch out for...
  10. Brinntache

    naturopathic joint/tissue drugs and their interaction with warfarin?

    For what it's worth, my thrombosis clinic gave me the green light to take glucosamine.
  11. Brinntache

    Variable/pounding heart rate following AVR/Aorta graft

    My cardiologist got me off Metroprolol at about four months post-op. I agree with Tom and Caroline, exercise is mandatory to manage stress. Like at least 30 minutes pushing yourself and sweaty a day. (which is measured by where you are at, not what others are doing. Don't die now.)
  12. Brinntache

    naturopathic joint/tissue drugs and their interaction with warfarin?

    Hi T, did you try SierraSil? how was it? I am in the same boat and would love a review. Thanks.
  13. Brinntache

    Hey Strangers - Home INR Testing

    Like pellicle, I am using Coaguchek XS. does the job, no getting a needle in a lab, consistent numbers.
  14. Brinntache

    Royal Paworth

    I shaved my balls for this? :eek: Sorry buddy, I'd be pissed too. Just trying to make you smile.
  15. Brinntache

    Royal Paworth

    Thousands of surgeries, including heart surgeries, have been postponed and backlogged because the ICU's are filled with anti-vaxxers whose friends are outside the hospital yelling obscenities at the doctors and nurses, calling them Nazi sheep. I wish I was exaggerating. My hometown.
  16. Brinntache

    Royal Paworth

    I had the same happen to me, and even when I got it my ICU was a re-purposed day ward because of a covid outbreak in the cardiac ICU. They kicked me out four days after surgery to clear the bed. I despise anti-vaxxers.
  17. Brinntache

    Marijuana and Blood Thinners/Mechanical Valve

    How did the gummies affect the INR?
  18. Brinntache

    Is it safe to jump rope

    Have at it. But don't be surprised that your stamina has taken a hit. And your pectorals will need constant massaging. I exercise most days and usually max out. Up to 30km hilly bike rides and 45min exercise classes. btw, if you put your health info in your byline then your peeps can give you...
  19. Brinntache


    Yep, caffeine to go up in the morning, whiskey to come down at night. Or mid afternoon.
  20. Brinntache


    AVR in April, back to Ritalin mid July. Starting up again was an experience. Took my body a while to get used to it. I have a home BP machine, so I watch it. But Ritalin is better than self dosing with coffee. And boy it makes a difference for me. My Doctor trusts me enough to be the...