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    Mayo Phoenix

    Has anyone had their surgery performed at the Mayo in Phoenix? Experience? Thanks
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    Blood Pressure Meds What Works for You?

    Pre surgery I had no significant blood pressure issues. Typically I think it averaged at a high normal. My cardiologist prescribed metoprolol in small dosage to relieve the pressure on the heart caused by the valve problem. Following surgery, June 2014, I am still on Metoprolol but not for blood...
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    Root Canal

    I had my Aortic valve replaced June of this year. This week I suddenly developed a toothache in a rear molar. Much to my surprise the dentist said that I would need a Root Canal. The high risk of dental work is bad enough but a Root Canal appears to carry the initial surgery risk along with long...
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    Pre Surgery Dental Check and Routine Dental Hygiene

    As part of pre-surgery prep the Cleveland wants a dental exam for possible infection as well as a form completed by the dentist. The local surgeons never mentioned it but I think its is great that they cover every possible detail. Has anyone had the pre-surgery dental inspection? The first...
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    Has Anyone Traveled to the Cleveland For Surgery?

    Looking into this as a possibility. Thank You
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    Afib ?

    Yes, yet another thread by Elgato. I have noticed that some people have had problems with AFIB. My surgeon said that it happens in 30 to 40 percent of valve recipients, that both mechanical and tissue are equally susceptible and does not matter if you never had it before surgery. He also said...
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    Valve Choice Betting on TAVR in the Future?

    A lot of people seem to choose a tissue valve now betting or hoping that TAVR technology will improve by the time they need a replacement. Both of my surgeons were very positive about the possibility. A mechanical is not a TAVR candidate because it must be surgically removed. Currently are...
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    Question for those who have had both Tissue and Mechanical

    I know a few you have had experience with both mechanical and tissue valves. Could you please share your experience and feelings about each? Do they feel the same? Do you feel the same? Noise? Pressure? Headaches? Pounding? Does one feel more like a natural valve? Anything else you can think...
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    Hospital the Night Before and Blood?

    Is it typical to be admitted the night before surgery? Is there any need for or is even feasible to donate some of your own blood for the surgery? Thanks
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    Valve Replacement vs Valve and Aortic Root replacement?

    I mentioned this as part of another thread but did not get much response. I have been hammering the boards with questions and really appreciate all the help and responses. Thank You! I have had a TCE, TEE, Angiogram and Ultrasound of the throat area. My surgeon said that he would recommend...
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    Bleeding Event?

    The odds of experiencing a "Bleeding Event" are much higher with a mechanical valve than with a tissue valve. I assumed they were more frequent due to the use of Warfarin but tissue recipients also have them. What specifically is a Bleeding Event and what is done to repair it? Thank You
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    Costs and other Basics?

    I have read quite a few threads trying to get the overall feel for what it is like to be on Coumadin. Most of you home test once a week and go to the lab monthly? Is once a week enough for something that is so critical and potentially erratic? Does anyone not home test? Is falling over your...
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    Bovine, Porcine or Equine?

    It seems to be nearly impossible to get hard durability stats on any of the valves that actually would allow you to make an informed choice. From what I can tell the Bovine and Porcine are very similar. Some doctors say they see no significant difference. Equine is a more recent development...
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    Root Replacement Extends Tissue Valve Life?

    Finally met with the surgeon today. He seems to prefer Sorin and Medtronic valves. He said that for himself he would go with a Tissue valve because he would not want to deal with the regimen and issues associated with Coumadin. He was estimating the life of tissue valves at 10 years but would...
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    ON-X Valve?

    This company does a lot of advertising and I have seen references to it as the Mercedes of valves. The most interesting aspect is the Reduced Anticoagulation trials. It is also supposed to be less destructive on the blood cells. Does anyone have experience or additional insight on this valve...
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    Did You Travel For Your Surgery?

    It seems that most of us do not have the luxury of having a nationally high ranked hospital e.g. Mayo or Cleveland nearby, and must make the decision to either travel or accept a local, lower ranked facility. I know the quality of hospital care is probably as important as the surgeon. I would...
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    What Valve Type Did You Choose and Would You Do it Again?

    I know that this was sort of covered over in the other Topic with a survey but I would like to know a little more. Also this Topic seems to get a lot more traffic. 1. Did you choose a Mechanical or Tissue Valve? 2. What Brand and Model? 3. Did you go with what your surgeon recommended? 4...
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    Invasive vs Non-Invasive valve replacement?

    More questions. Non-invasive seems to be the more advanced technique. My Cardiologist said that I am not a candidate for it and it is reserved for older, less healthy patients. I know there is currently a huge battle at UMC between surgeons over this issue...
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    Replacement Valve Failure?

    It looks like the tissue valves last 7 to 10 years while the mechanical may last 15. My understanding is that the advantages of the tissue valve are offset by the fact that you will need to do it again. The advantage of the mechanical is longevity but offset by noise, possible anemia and...
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    How Did You Feel, Before and After Valve Replacement?

    I would love to hear how you felt, physically and mentally, 3 - 6 months before your surgery and 3 - 6 months after. Also, which valve type and would you choose it again. How has it changed your life? I have heard everything from extremely tired to better than new. So, if anyone wants to share...