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    Its all new,

    I struggled with BPH for many years; took the recommended drugs. Occasional prostate infections and then I got a bladder stone. That was scary, blood in the urine trouble making it to the toilet in time. Started at work. They needed to destroy the bladder stone and since it the same type of...
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    any one with this scar !!!

    Not I, but do you mean "Pump Head Syndrome?"
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    Needing non-cardiac surgery with a prosthetic heart valve and warfarin intake

    I have had one surgery, a TURP-Transurethral Resection of the Prostate. My urologist wanted me to drop warfarin and aspirin for 5 days including the day of surgery but it would be up to my cardiologist. My urologist didn't tell me I had to meet a target INR. His nurse just stated I needed to...
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    Sparing the Aortic Root

    Humans are not cars. I agree with drleng This is a technical question that only an experienced competent cardiothoracic surgeon can answer well because it really is based on the individual and your haemodynamics etc. I trusted my surgeon to make the right decisions before operation and...
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    12 years ago today, Bentall Procedure

    Congratulations; wishing you many more anniversaries.
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    25 years

    Congratulations on your 25 years of a second chance. Hope you have many more.
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    any one with this scar !!!

    Only one scar for me and all the pictures I've seen on here.
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    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    It'd make me nervous to receive software updates on a medical device that my life depends upon w/o receiving information as to what changes were made and why. Do they provide this information?
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    Its all new,

    I have to take 4 pills. The blood in my urine just started with my most recent cleaning. Threw me through a loop, checked my INR and it was in range. It went away in 2 days. I didn't do anything since it went away :) and I known there are a lot of reasons for it, not all bad. But then a...
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    Its all new,

    Your experience is a perfect example of why running an INR higher than needed is not always the best choice. Your BPH is the cause of blood in your urine but it is exacerbated by your lower coagulation level. You probably still have blood in your urine, but cannot see it due to your lower...
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    Missed a dose. What do you do?

    Not really a missed dose, but a late one :) I've missed a dose and split it between the next two days w/o impact.
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    Cleveland Clinic Questions

    Glad to hear things are fine. Don't sweat it, the older you are the longer the tissue valve lasts, thus at 71, this will probably be one and done for you.
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    Its all new,

    My cardio group has a team for the coagulation clinic led by a doctor who specializes in anticoagulation. Prescriptions come from him. However, each cardio talks to the individual patient about anticoagulation. In 7 years I used the clinic, I saw no need to spend a copay to visit with the...
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    20 years on September in 2001

    Congratulations...Go get some BBQ :)
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    Its all new,

    Per my cardiologist, whether you bridge or not depends upon the type of valve and the type of surgery. I'd say $100 is a small price to pay to avoid a stroke. My mother in law had to go off warfarin and bridge to get her valve replaced. Guess what...she had a stroke despite bridging. Luckily...
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    Was it obvious when you strained your sternum?

    I did a few things I shouldn't have and I felt it but not for long. I've cannot remember a post where someone injured their sternum enough to require treatment.
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    Covid 19 vaccine recommendations

    From what I've read there is no additional risk from any vaccine associated with replacement valves of any type.
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    Its all new,

    Sometimes you have to take two different doses. I take 4 mg T, Th, Sat and 4.5 the other days. When I tried a steady dose of 4 or 4.5, I crept up or crept down and out of my 2-2.5 range. Each person is different, I've held my "sweet spot" for over a year. I'd be real surprised if a...
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    Home testing

    A single point check vs. a lab does not verify a meter's ability to function. Your meter needs to function from at least 1.8 to 4 INR. Your advice to buy visibly damaged used meters for "home repairs" is irresponsible. It's your life and you can risk it any way you want but you shouldn't...
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    Home testing

    I don't remember how much it costs because it varies by whether or not my deductible is paid up. It's more than $202 for 48. That's a really good price. I have had two meters given to me by two different suppliers but the same provider. I was not requested to give back the first but did so...