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  1. pellicle

    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    miracles happen
  2. pellicle

    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    some even have an amount of sound evidence. However let Darwin do his job I say. All us idiots getting vaccinated don't have a clue.
  3. pellicle

    Needing non-cardiac surgery with a prosthetic heart valve and warfarin intake

    Hi and welcome I'm sure you know much of this but, anyyway; this is actually a pretty detailed post, so I recommend you read it and the associated citations carefully The usual methodology has been bridging, however its...
  4. pellicle

    Sparing the Aortic Root

    it was my understanding that root sparing with mechanical valve and aortic graft on the aneurysm were mutually exclusive. I could be wrong The aortic root is the section of the aorta (the large artery leaving the...
  5. pellicle

    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    yes, my worst ones aren't reported in that because they were during my "learning curve" time
  6. pellicle

    Drinking alcohol on warfarin

    I'm not sure if you read my posts within this thread but I've mentioned also that I can have a few and have no significant (or even lasting) effect on INR. Upwards of half a bottle or Shiraz and a whiskey or two ... other thread abound on this topic. I doubt its because of the quality of...
  7. pellicle

    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    I've reported mine many times, I have not experienced a difference between my coaguchek and a lab of greater than 0.4 INR points and most are within 0.2 Here are mine again, you'll note that after 2012 I became less interested in checking (and in Finland for a while I was unable to)...
  8. pellicle

    The stranger returns. . . .

    we are all patients here ;-) Don't think about the hill just keep walking. Best Wishes
  9. pellicle

    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    I know, and I also know about our previous conversations. What are you getting at by taking this line of argument? I can't explain why you have consistently reported these differences. I can only put it down to what I said. Do you have another explanation? Because clearly a great may people...
  10. pellicle

    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    Great, and it should. I replied to protime about a highly specific point, I was not making a generalized statement.
  11. pellicle

    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    I believe that you have reported this in the past a few times, and (it has been a while, so if memory serves) there is perhaps something about your "bloods" that makes the XS report badly compared to other sources
  12. pellicle

    25 years

    welcome aboard and happy anniversary :-) glad you made it through
  13. pellicle

    any one with this scar !!!

    never heard of that ... seems pretty weird to me
  14. pellicle

    Home testing

    and ironically have progressively abandoned what the Macintosh was and even the PowerPC platform and now rest on a variant of Linux and OSx is just a skin ... even uses PC hardware now.
  15. pellicle

    Home testing

    good to know, and if you need a spare then you can move the parts across from the one which is now no longer functioning.
  16. pellicle

    Missed a dose. What do you do?

    great to post this again (to keep it fresh) Since the topic appeared to have a question, (probably like you(, I've done this enough to have tried the various options take half the next day take half the next day and the rest the day after take all the next day (if you dose in the PM and you...
  17. pellicle

    12 years ago today, Bentall Procedure

    welcome aboard :-)
  18. pellicle

    Upcoming Surgery

    here's hoping for a smooth and uneventful recovery. Best Wishes
  19. pellicle

    Covid 19 vaccine recommendations

    such a great phone a real game changeer
  20. pellicle

    Upcoming Surgery

    that's wise and its always good to do due dilligence in researching what you are not inclined towards, that's actually proper research (rather than just feeding in confirmation to your existing bias) Your welcome. A little surprised that a surgeon wouldn't give you a choice in valve brand...