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    three month post op

    Today is my 3 month post op anniversary :) had it done on 22nd April Feel nearly back to normal now ...... had Atrial Flutter for 2 been sorted out via cardioversion No other ongoing problems Am pestering the hospital to sign me off, so I can go back to work (y)
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    Elevated Liver enzymes post op

    I had a liver function test today 2 weeks post op, and my ALT results are still elevated (not massively so) I have to go back in 2 weeks for another test to see if they're still high. If they are, apparently I'll have to go for an ultrasound scan on the liver I wonder if taking paracetamol...
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    Genetic cause of BAV and thoracic aortic aneurysms

    Just after Xmas my parents unfortunately caught covid. My Dad (who is 75) got it bad and was in hospital for over 2 weeks. During that time he had a chest scan on his lungs. This scan picked up that he had a thoracic aortic aneurysm. After he recovered from covid he was referred to the same...
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    interesting meeting with the surgeon

    I've just come back from an echo scan , and a meeting with one of the surgeons this afternoon He has asked for me to have another CT scan, focusing in on the aortic root Even though the echo scan showed my ascending aorta as having a diameter of 50 mm (it's been around this for a number of...
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    my time has come

    Had a phone call from the hospital today. They want me in for pre-opp next week. Surgery will be in January or February Aortic valve replacement , plus repair on my dilatated ascending aorta Still feel fine, no symptoms Just ran 7km on the treadmill a few hours ago at a decent pace (14...
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    UK’s First Robotic Heart and Lung Surgery Programme comes to Liverpool

    My local CTC will shortly be introducing a new robotic surgery technique that promises to reduce recover time for heart surgery (including valve surgery) by greatly reducing incision size: "A £2 million campaign has been launched by Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity to establish the...
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    pekster's update

    :cool: hello i havent posted in a while.. so here is my update :smile2: i'm currently seeing the cardiologist once every 9 months.. the dilated ascending aorta is not as severe as they thought 3 years ago when my condition was deemed to have worsened.. here are my latest stats: overall...
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    possible advancement for tissue valves

    The future of heart valve replacements is likely to be driven forward in a number of different directions in the coming decades. Mechanical valves will probably be developed that do not damage blood cells that pass through them and no longer need anti-coagulation. Artificial valves made from...
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    BAV, Dilated Aorta, Myopia and Rosacea

    Hi folks, Haven't posted for a while. I have a question regarding connective tissue disorder and my own condition. I have BAV and recently, my ascending aorta has dilated. When I turned 30 (am now 37), my once perfect eyesight, deteriorated so that I am now myopic (near sighted). Also whilst in...
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    Trileaflet mechanical heart valves

    The risk of blood clots forming and hence the need to use life long anti-coagulants is the recognised main draw back of current MHV.. The current bi-leaflet design is certainly superior in its design to the early MHV. However, I've just scanned the internet and noticed that 5-10 years ago...
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    just had my MRI scan

    :cool: had my MRI scan earlier today, was quite a weird experience ! Especially when they inject the dye into your bloodstream and you can feel the cold dye pump through your heart ! :tongue2: Also received a letter from my cardiologist summarising the finding of my echocardiogram last month...
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    surgery on the horizon

    Howdy ! This is my first post on here :cool: ! I have congenital AS (a tricuspid valve with some fusion of the leaflets). The AS has been stable all my life, at a mild level, until now ! ( I am 37) On Wednesday I had my heart checkup (usually go for one every 2 years), and the cardiologist...