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    The Date is Set!

    looks like you're having similar surgery to me i also had a v long lead up time to the operation known about my BAV since i was 9 was told i needed surgery to replace the BAV and aneurysm since 2011 (was told it would be done within 5 years at the time) you'll be fine (y)
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    before my surgery in April i was very active..I actually ran 10km 2 days before the operation. now 5 months after, i am back to running 10km... if you are in good shape before surgery your body should be able to cope and heal remarkably quickly
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    Why both Warfarin AND aspirin?

    Yes, I have a mechanical valve and use warfarin
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    Why both Warfarin AND aspirin?

    i am not on low dose aspirin. it was never on my medication list after surgery
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    surgery on the horizon

    i had my op on 22/4/21...almost 10 years to the day of my first post 😄
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    Ointment and sunscreen on scar

    the bottom 2 inches of my chest incision has developed into a hypertrophic scar. i might buy those silicone sheets and see if they improve it
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    Covid Vaccines

    i watch Dr Grande on YouTube too (y)
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    Coaguchek INRange ...

    I have a Coaguchek INRange meter too: I have compared my results with the INRange meter, with the lab results (venous draw). Both tests taken within a couple of hours: INRange result has never been >0.3 higher than the lab result so far: 17th June INRange: 5.8 Lab venous draw: 5.6 22nd...
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    Hair loss?

    no hair loss yet for me, 3 months after starting on warfarin i do have thick head hair for a 47 yr old if i start losing it, i'll know
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    three month post op

    Today is my 3 month post op anniversary :) had it done on 22nd April Feel nearly back to normal now ...... had Atrial Flutter for 2 been sorted out via cardioversion No other ongoing problems Am pestering the hospital to sign me off, so I can go back to work (y)
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    Coaguchek INRange ...

    i also have my own Coaguchek INRange meter when i go for a blood draw at the lab, i will self test with the INRange meter about an hour before so a i can cross check results i have never had a result from the INRange meter that was greater than 0.2 different from the blood draw result Typically...
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    Before and after run times

    jogged on the treadmill for the first time since my surgery this morning :) now that i've been cardioverted i felt it was time to begin running again did a light jog at a v v moderate speed (10km/hr) for 20 mins no problems felt easy, as it should have done heart rate got up to around 115...
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    Coaguchek XS accuracy

    yes, i trust my coaguchek meter alot. i have been comparing it's results to blood draw results always v close coagucheck is usually a touch higher though for example on monday i used my coaguchek and got 2.4, a few hours later i had a blood draw at the lab and got 2.2
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    Coaguchek XS accuracy

    my coaguchek meter has been a big help since my surgery in april the ability to keep a close eye on your INR when you begin to take warfarin is invaluable
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    A Fib disappointment / Setback

    i've bought an ECG monitor, so I will be able to tell quickly if my heart falls of rhythm again (y) Got the Docs to lower my Bisoprolol dosage from 10mg/day to 8mg, as i was feeling a bit dizzy in the mornings (my resting heart rate is now 50bpm...before the cardioversion it was 100 !)
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    Hi everyone from England

    nope. my dad caught covid just after xmas this year and ended up in hospital with covid pneumonia. the heart problem was identified by a doctor looking at his chest x-ray i have been advised by the heart consultants to ask my immediate family to have their hearts checked out (which i've done)
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    Hi everyone from England

    my BAV made it to 47 my Dad has recently been diagnosed with BAV and ascending aorta aneurysm too His BAV is not so bad he'll need it replaced apparently. And he's 76!
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    A Fib disappointment / Setback

    i should also mention that for the time being i'm on the same medication (10mg/day bisoprolol). i think they intend to keep me on that dose for a while and then reduce the dosage before taking me off biosprolol (as long as i stay in sinus rhythm ofcourse) i was told my AFib was probably due to...
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    A Fib disappointment / Setback

    all done. heart is back in sinus rhythm :cool:
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    A Fib disappointment / Setback

    tomorrow morning i'm getting cardioverted hopefully will regain sinus rhythm :cool: sick of being in AFib :(