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  1. almost_hectic

    Mental support

    Mended hearts is an org with chapters all over. Pretty sure that’s what they do
  2. almost_hectic

    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    My On-X is something I can hear every day. Not at all times, but if Im in a quiet room and theres no other noise, for sure I can hear it. Id rather I didn't hear it, but it doesn't bother me much. Sometimes at night if I can't sleep, then I can also hear it. I usually manage to ignore it, or put...
  3. almost_hectic

    Why both Warfarin AND aspirin?

    To be clear you only need to take the small 81mg aspirin. What is often referred to as baby aspirin. So not a full size aspirin. The 81mg is a low dose so it can't really hurt you, but its enough to be beneficial when taken every day. Your surgeon is the one I would believe. I can't imagine your...
  4. almost_hectic

    CryoLife On-X INR Claims

    Im not a doctor, scientist, researcher or anything of the like. So for me, any opinions of the above mentioned authorities would suffice. Those are some pretty good names, even if you take Cryolife out of the mix
  5. almost_hectic

    Is it safe to jump rope

    Be sure youre up to it. Id hate to see you trip and fall. I know I was still pretty sore even at the 4 month mark, and a fall would have hurt like hell.
  6. almost_hectic

    Ointment and sunscreen on scar

    I originally used the strips, but I found them difficult to remove and the skin underneath was still very sensitive and partially pulled off once. After that I switched to the ointment and found it way easier to use. Just a tiny drop would go a long way. Yeah I pretty much had treated it all day...
  7. almost_hectic

    Ointment and sunscreen on scar

    I used a silicone ointment called ScarAway for several months and kept my scar covered from the sun for the first year. You can barely even see any scar anymore. It’s almost gone. Now I go out in the sun all the time and only use sunscreen as I normally would. It’s no different than the rest of...
  8. almost_hectic

    Returning to exercise after valve surgery

    I don't recall how many weeks it was after surgery but I tried to lift something in my yard and WOW! Thing isn't even heavy and it felt like my sternum was on fire
  9. almost_hectic

    Wireless pacemaker that dissolves in body

    My memory of being the hospital is kinda fuzzy from all the pain meds. But I did have temporary pacing wires in place in the hospital after surgery and I could have sworn they clipped them close to my skin and left them in... to be honest I wasn't keen on watching the process when they did it...
  10. almost_hectic

    CryoLife On-X INR Claims

    LAD left anterior descending artery—when that artery is blocked it can stop the heartbeat completely
  11. almost_hectic

    Covid Vaccines

    So third shot for vaccines has been approved in the US but I think its reserved for patients at high risk, like people who have had organ transplants and the like and may have compromised immune systems... at any rate, a family member asked me if I was going to get the third shot. I said I don't...
  12. almost_hectic

    Shelf life of test strips

    Yeah, I’ve realized since they ship them if I need them or not, it’s most likely just so they can bill my insurance. Of course! Did check my dates now that I realize where it is. All the boxes I have are good til 2022 it looks like, so they have at least a year shelf life
  13. almost_hectic

    Shelf life of test strips

    I use the Coaguchek meter and they supply my test strips. They ship me a couple boxes every couple of months, whether I request them or not. Ive got a bit of a stockpile built up and have like 6 boxes of test strips in reserve. Anyone know the shelf life of test strips? I see no expiration...
  14. almost_hectic

    So stop skimping on the Vitamin K already

    Do so gradually and watch your INR... don't go whole hog on the greens and then be surprised when youre dangerously below your INR range.
  15. almost_hectic

    9 years post op, bio AVR, now with mild deterioration - question for the other ladies here

    This may not have anything to do with your heart but I would have to think it has everything to do with your heart surgery. Have you tried calling the surgeons office? I know I had read about some patients on this site who had their sternal wires removed because they gave them lots of problems...
  16. almost_hectic

    Covid Vaccines

    Its only funded by your employer if they offer it and not always at 100%, sometimes its only 50% of the cost. Only companies more than 50 employees are obligated to offer it. If they do theres very few options, its basically what the company chooses, you may have a few plans to select from...
  17. almost_hectic

    Covid Vaccines

    That used to be the case. They changed that though when they made it so they had to cover pre-existing conditions. Thats why Im even able to buy insurance now. My personal health insurance used to be the size of a mortgage payment before that. Now they don't ask anything your rate is just based...
  18. almost_hectic

    Covid Vaccines

    Those things they fight are paying claims. Im talking about increases in premiums. Once they raise your rate theres likely nothing you are going to be able to do about it. Even if you eliminated the things they say are the reason you cost more to cover, I bet it would be too late and they'll say...
  19. almost_hectic

    Covid Vaccines

    Because if they can insist you either get it or pay more, what else can they apply that same logic to? Don't exercise, pay up? Overweight, pay up? Eat red meat, pay up? Im willing to bet they already have the statistical data to formulate the premium increases.
  20. almost_hectic

    Decongestant with bovine aortic valve

    That’s why I’ve been told by my doc I can use antihistamine but nothing with ephedrine. Ephedrine is what’ll increase heart rate