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  1. Marco2

    Deciding whether to have Mitral Valve Repair/Replacement Surgery

    Hi Josh I have a mitral valve prolapse (congenital) and I am a few years older than you are. My regurgitation became severe around 3 years ago, and also at this time I also found out my aortic valve has severe regurgitation too. 😖 I had no symptoms at the time but the surgeon suggested surgery...
  2. Marco2

    Multivalvular disease-anyone else?

    Hi I have severe mitral valve and aortic valve regurgitation. Both due to birth defects. Managed without even noticing until late 40s. But I’m still asymptomatic - no shortness of breath. Main thing I notice now is a reduced level of stamina. I had a CT scan and an angiogram but no issues found...