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  1. djacq

    Blood Pressure Medications

    I am out of state for the next few months and away from my doctors. I had a GI bleed and was hospitalized over Christmas while out of state. (Coumadin, Plavix and ASA) In the process, they found that I have Poly Cystic Kidney Disease Stage 3. I saw the local Nephrologist and he mentioned...
  2. djacq

    St Judes Valve Repair or Replace

    A fluoroscopy today was successful after multiple echos, a TEE, and previous fluoroscopy which did not clearly indicate a problem. Today, it did. The hinge of my valve is not working and my heart function has gotten worse in the past two months. The pressure gradients were not good and now...
  3. djacq

    Valve Malfunction

    I became too complacent with my heart issues. I have checked into the group off and over the years with feelings of empathy for what everyone was going through. I never believed I would be back again with a possible malfunctioning St Jude’s Valve done in 2002. The unknowns have been stressful...
  4. djacq

    Diagnosis Hemolysis

    Thank you for all your concern and response to my problems. After having my lab work for a month, my hematologist told me yesterday that I tested negative for Porphoryia. I guess that was a long shot as it is such a rare, odd disease. The labs work did show anemia and I am surprised I had...
  5. djacq

    INR Instability

    This morning I tested a 5.4 INR and immediately went to the forums to get support. I know I don't post often but I cannot express how important VRC has been to get through difficult times. I almost went to the ER until info on this site grounded me. It has been a rough ride trying to take...
  6. djacq

    Coumadin Fragility

    I am wondering if anyone "pre packs" their Coumadin and for how long? I have been having difficulty with wide INR swings since summer. Blammed it on hydration etc. This morning as I was "packing" my Coumadin for two weeks, I noticed the ones still in my pack were not as shinny as the ones in...
  7. djacq

    Help, Bridge Help

    I got the USUAL, HOLD coumadin FIVE days before my breast needle biopsy Monday at 1pm!!!! It is an outrageous problem in the medical field. I was not able to get ANYONE, including my own PCP to take this seriously. He told me to do what they said. My cardio was away, they never called me...
  8. djacq

    Prayer Request Again

    Please keep my son and all the troops in your prayers during this difficult time in Iraq. with much sorrow, Donna
  9. djacq

    Home Monitoring for Anemia

    I e mailed QAS looking for home testing for hemaglobin and Deb from QAS called me almost instantaneously. She was going to try to get information on this. I am going to the lab monthly for a hemaglobin to monitor for anemia. It would be great to avoid the labs this often as I do my INR at...
  10. djacq

    Feeling Sad

    Before I got to my Brothers in maine, i got a call in Searsport that he had died. I was so close and yet so far. He was feeling good, mowing the acreage getting ready for our visit. He was emailing me all the way up to Maine and feeling well. He was a police officer on the cape. He started...
  11. djacq


    Just had my yearly cardio app't and now I have to have a hemolysis work up in case that is causing my low hemoglobin. This is scary. Rare per Doc but no one can figure why I am so low with my hemoglobin (9.2) and it just won't go above 9.8. I am not sure but I think the fear is that my St...
  12. djacq

    7 day colonoscopy

    Hello all, 4 day in the hospital for ohs on 12/02 and just got home from a 7 day colonoscopy. All those days were bridging coumadin to heparin and visa versa. I had a dropping hemaglobin (9.1) and a low potassium level and they did a colonoscopy, an endoscopy and small intestine check...
  13. djacq

    Pro Time Passes The Test!

    What a week end. Local hospital lab gave me a 6 plus INR. Everyone paniced. Drs' wanted me to hold coumadin fir the week end. The Pro Time was giving me a 3.5. I didn't listen to the Docs but cut dose in half and indulged in vegs high in Vit K. Monday, I went back to my old lab and my...
  14. djacq

    Post Surg Regurgitation

    Hello Everyone, Sorry to have to ask for your help again, especialy when I thought all was going well. I am feeling disappointed, scared and confused. I had to stop physical therapy two weeks ago as my broken ankle was starting to be painful. Shortlyafter, Post Sur I began having shortness...
  15. djacq

    Contacts andCoumadin

    I hope these questions are not redundant to people but I was unable to find any postings about this: Little things seem to becoming bigger things since I had my AVR and on Coumadin.. Suddenly, it occurred to me that maybe I should give up my contacts!?!! (Just bought 6 mo supply!). What is...
  16. djacq

    Home Yesterday

    Hello Everyone, I came home yesterday on my 5th day post op. The surgery went well but in my mind, spent way too much time being intubated as my blood pressure was so low and I wasn?t breathing on my own. Just lazy I guess. I received the St Judes Valve 21AGFN-756. How does that translate...
  17. djacq

    Thank You from Donna

    I want to apologize for being such a lurking ?Lurker? for the past weeks. I have been hit with ?ticker shock? and it took me a long time to come out of denial. I had to assimilate all this info very slowly and painfully before coming out publicly. I have had a broken ankle that hasn?t...
  18. djacq

    Looking For Ideas

    I spoke to Deborah Galvin, Customer Services Rep for Pro Time today about getting ready to process an order. Thought I would get things going before AVR surgery 12/5. I told her this whole group influenced me in purchasing the unit. They will send the $50.00 bonus to anyone I designate at the...